Thursday, September 22, 2011

Late Again

This time I'm late posting.  It has been a week--slow even for me!  We have been working longer hours at work, I've been knitting at the seed stitch Downtown Bonnet (seen above),  and then I've tried to finish the Pretty In Pink wrap, which is now in the seaming stage.  Anyway,  I usually don't do meme type posts but since the knitting is progressing slowly and the A to Z meme seems more interesting than most, here goes:

 A:  Age - I never tell because people who know it say I look much younger than my age, but if anyone really cared they could figure it out from info on my blog.  I say why destroy illusions!
B:  Bedsize - Queen Sleep Number.  Couldn't live without the Sleep Number bed!
C:  Chore you hate - making salads.  I will cook anything anyone in the family wants but don't ask me to make a salad.  Can't explain it--just hate it.


D:  Dogs - Love my Jack Russell Terrier Macy.  She is my fur-baby and she's so sweet she even lets us sleep with her.
E:  Essential to start your day - Special K.
F:  Favorite color(s) - turquoise & brown.
G:  Gold or silver - I mix them but mostly silver.
H:  Height - 5'9" (used to be 5'10").
I:  Instruments you play - piano badly.  My claim to fame is that I can play a harmonica.
J:  Job title - accountant
K:  Kids - Six (four boys and two girls) and six grandchildren (four boys and two girls).
L:  Live:  In Texas but my heart is in Chicago.
M:  Mom's name - Carolyn.
N:  Nicknames - Kat, Kitty.
O:  Overnight hospital stays:  Six regular and six births.
P:  Pet Peeves:  Screechy voices.
Q:  Quote from a movie - Life is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you're going to get.  (Forrest Gump)
R:  Right or left handed - right but one of my kids is left handed.  Don't know how that happened.
S:  Siblings - 0, I'm an only child.
T:  Take-out food - shrimp tempura from Taste of Asia.
U:  Underwear - Genie bra and bikini panties.  That's it!
V:  Veggies you hate - I can't think of any.  I'm an almost vegetarian.  Occasionally I lose it and eat meat but not often.
W:  What makes you run late - my sweet husband!  I'm never late when I go alone.
X:  Xrays - a few but many MRIs since the subdural hematoma.
Y:  Yummy food - chocolate and caramel, together or separately.
Z:  Zoo animals - polar bears!  Keep the snakes away from me!  Please!!


Grace said...

ahh katherine we have so much in common, when I graduated high school I was 5'11 1/2 " tall, the 3rd tallest girl in my glass, I had a back injury in 1973 and am now 5 8 1/2. Tom and I used to be eye to eye, now I look up at him,

And I hate snakes, dread them, even a picture of one or a commercial and I will have nightmares!!!

Katherine said...

I know what you mean about the snake commercials. If I see one, or the beginning of a show about them, I have nightmares for days.

SissySees said...

This is a cute meme. I've enjoyed several of them enough I might have to post my own... fair is fair, right?!

Katherine said...

I hope you will post your A to Z meme! I love to read them and learn things about the people I blog with! Like, Grace is tall like me--who would have thought?

kathy b said...

Sooo fun to learn more about you
6 kids??? 6 kids???? just like my mom! You two amaze me. I didnt ever get that you had that many kids.


Katherine said...

Yes, six kids and six grandchildren, but I made a mistake in the meme and one of the kids called me on it! The grandchildren are three boys and three girls. (Sometimes I type faster than I think).