Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Odds and Ends

Note:  No knitting content today
Our Hummingbirds have joined us for breakfast every morning this week.  The online Hummingbird Journal reports huge numbers of the little birds swarming in the south and bird watchers are noticing more activity around their feeders because it has been hot and there are very few flowers for them.  Many people  even turn on the sprinklers so they can play in the water and fly through it. Please help keep our migrating Hummingbirds safe and well fed!" 
Our DSL was down for two days while we are switching to a new service provider.  I nearly went crazy.  Have you ever tried to live without internet for even a few days?  I could give up TV before the internet!  Well, do I have a deal for you...
The iPhone Mobile Hotspot--don't leave home without it.  I love the service called "My Personal Hotspot" (sounds almost risqué).  When we were traveling to Chicago by RV we priced mobile wi fi hotspots and found them to be expensive and, reportedly, not efficient.  I already had an iPhone4 so I got this service and now I can turn on the hotspot on my phone, and my iPad, laptop and PC pick up wi fi from it where ever I am.  Love it to pieces and it kept me sane while the DSL was down.   That little phone in the picture is providing my PC with wi fi.
Are you a Where's Waldo lover as I am?  I admit I have loved the mysterious Waldo since a friend gave me a wand with glitter and sparkle floating in an unknown fluid.  The wand contains Waldo hidden among the glitter.  The problem is that I can never find him (once in two years).  So now I have a Where's Waldo App for my phone and iPad.  It satisfies my desire to know what the little rascal is doing.
Dogs, dogs, dogs!!  Can't live without them.  Our Macy and her little daily visitor Max have a favorite game they play with new toys.  We have to buy two toys because they each must have one.  They play with them separately and together for several hours, then they get down to the business of removing the squeaker from the toys along with a large quantity of fluff.  We call this process, "Squeak gutting and defluffing."  The toys then go to my desk and when I have two I re-stuff and sew them.  The two dogs will stand on either side of me while I sew and when I finish I give a toy to each and off they go to play.  I don't know how we could live without their little doggie idiosyncrasies.

Well that's it.  I was just thinking about random things.  Who wants to think about work?
Life is good.


SusanB-knits said...

Cute hummingbird picture. I don't think I saw any down here this year.
I have gone a day and a half without internet (when we visit the grandkids and they keep me busy). I've gotten so use to it I don't know if I could give it up, lol.
It's interesting about the de-squeaking... Ellie does that too! She loves to play with the toy for a few hours and then it's like she killed it and has to rip it apart! But I usually throw them out not sew them back together.

Katherine said...

I'm always tempted to throw them away but at the price of dog toys these days I decided to re-stuff them. The pups seem to like them better after I have re-stuffed them. LOL

SissySees said...

Mugsy - my departed male JRT - was AWFUL about killing toys. Sissy and Gretchen rarely do it, but the will sometimes...

Katherine said...

Macy is funny about killing toys, she stares at me for a while before she does it as if asking, "Is it okay?" Max has no scruples and just tears into them.

kathy b said...

random is always interesting Katherine!
Love your hummers. Ours have left. We had one for about a week. I was afraid it was my red food cookin

LOVE Waldo and didnt know you did too!

Huck always had to get the squeak out too and was proud when he did.

Katherine said...

Hi Kathy,
Glad to know you love Waldo too. I'll bet you are also a maze lover.

I never put food coloring in the hummingbird food I make. They say to make the juice three parts water to one part sugar. Hogwash!! I make a 50-50 mixture and heat it on the stove so it will thicken slightly. After it cools and is in the feeders the hummys go crazy over it.