Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Slow Going or Moving Along

The multi-colored Pretty In Pink is moving along.  I was going to complain about how slow it's moving but that is never helpful in terms of making things move faster!  (Believe me if it helped I would complain a lot).  It is a big wrap so I guess I'm lucky it's going as fast as it is.  I've reached the back of the neck and will start the front with the next row so whohoo it will be finished soon!

Next, Wendy Bernard's DowntownBonnet.  I've made a half dozen knitted things from Wendy's patterns and I love them!!  She has a knack for clarity and direction that always leads to a beautiful finished object.  When I saw this cute little bonnet with the under-chin ties I giggled.  Not much makes me giggle at my age so I realized I had to knit this hat--maybe a bunch of them.
Other things are moving along at the Comfort Zone.  The Humming birds are humming along.  I report our sightings at the Journey North site and enjoy reading about other sightings in the U.S.  I don't know why we are still seeing them in Texas.  Whatever the reason we feel blessed to have brightly colored Ruby Throated Hummingbirds as well as tiny little brown Rufous.  The Ruby Throated in the picture loves to stop by and just sit on the top of the feeder and watch us through the window.  They are friendly little birds and will buzz around our heads and shoulders when we are on the patio or in the yard. It's heavenly!

The dogs and are maintaining their usual lazy life style.  We are always amazed at their established schedules.  They do certain things at specific times of the day and heaven help the person who interrupts their agenda.  I've actually had Max sit in my lap, facing me, with a snarl on his furry face because I picked him up from a nap in an office chair and snuggled him.  He gave me a look that said, "I am not amused."  Macy pouts and Max grumbles.  Best to leave them to their devices.

Life is good.


SissySees said...

Both of our dogs pout and glare, daily. They're brats!!

Katherine said...

Ours are definitely spoiled brats but how could we get along without them?

kathy b said...

I cannot wait to see your bonnet knit up. Love the knit and tonic patterns in general so yours will be great.

My hummingbirds are long gone....although we get a traveler once in awhile around this time.....I better watch a bit more.....

Love that Macy girl.....love her pout. I think she looks serene

Katherine said...

I decided to do the bonnet in seed stitch so it is taking a little longer but oh so cute!

They say to leave the hummingbird feeder out until at least October 15th to catch those last few.

Macy is the most serene pup around lately. I'm afraid she is getting older. I worry about her!