Monday, October 03, 2011

And Again--Too Much

I am in awe of knitters who can discipline themselves to knit one project at a time!  I am a project squirrel.  I stash not only yarn but whole, cast on, started, needles-still-in-them, projects.  They die a natural death when I need to reclaim the needle, rewind the yarn and put it back into stash.

It's not that I am fickle--well, maybe a little.  Mostly I am impulsive and probably a little whimsical.  I see a pattern and decide I have to knit it.   I don't want to lose the pattern or idea so I buy the yarn and cast on and then, out of guilt, go back to the project I was working on.  I'm pattern driven!  Yes, that's it!!  The evil patterns make me do it!  All you designers out there STOP designing those wonderful patterns.  You're making me neurotic.

I admit I need a multi-project intervention.  One week ago I finished the Pretty In Pink wrap and Downtown Bonnet.  I celebrated by cleaning out my knitting basket and putting in only the Lace Cardi.  Then I added the socks I am working on.  Then I added a diagonal shawl from a pattern I love.  Then I added a skein of butter colored yarn for a vest pattern I fell in love with.  Then I added GS#3's Fish Hat because it is for Christmas and I must get started
Then, my knitting basket was full again and I am right back where I started.  I have gone from a yarn stash beyond life expectancy to started projects beyond life expectancy.  I'm going to have to eat a lot of chocolate to figure this one out!!
Macy has bigger fish to fry!  The first picture shows her on guard, ready to do her "cut and run" routine.   You can see her paws on the edge of the patio, ready to push off.

This second picture shows what she is stalking.  No, she didn't catch Mr. Squirrel.  He will live to play another day.

Life is good.


SissySees said...

Cute, intense little hunter.

I am fickle... always have been with hobbies, sports, etc. The only harm in it comes when I'm disappointed in myself for not finishing something by a certain time!

SusanB-knits said...

I too have many projects started (mostly socks). And it is the designers fault! lol. There are too many wonderful sock patterns out there and I must try them all, haha.

kathy b said...

You are so funny. We all knit different and who cares? THere is something very exciting about the cast on part....almost as exciting as the cast off part!