Monday, October 10, 2011

Strange Thing

When we lived in Chicago we would go for rides in the evening so I could look for "mouse houses."  That's what I call a small brick or rock cottage, covered in ivy and surrounded by trees.  I especially like them when they have wooden fences and gates also covered in ivy, and flowers growing randomly in the garden.  It's no wonder that when we searched for a house here in Texas I was over the moon when we saw the small red brick house covered in ivy and trees.

Strange thing:  now it seems that our neighbors up and down the block have declared their hatred for raking leaves and have started chopping down the huge trees that once lined our street.  What is that about?  Leaf raking is a fall ritual.  I think I read that it's a law that everyone has to rake at least one leaf each fall!

Dear SIL asked if we wanted our trees gone and I practically screamed "NO" at him.  I threatened to hurt the first person who did anything other than trim my precious trees.  "What would cover the house?" I asked.  He suggested that I have so much ivy climbing on the house that even the squirrels can't find it anymore.

It's true!  The cover out there has reached epic proportions.  I can't help it, it pained me when we had the new roof put on and the roofers had to cut back the ivy at the roof line, and when the power company cuts the bottom limbs of our big oak so they don't hang on the power lines.  It hurts me to the core!

Anyway, I think it is a strange thing when people don't want trees around them.  Whatever happened to tree huggers?  Now I look up and down our once pretty drive and am reminded of the sage words of the great cartoon philosopher Pogo, "We have met the enemy and he is us!"

Knitting--back of lace edge cardi finished and left front started.  Cherry Tree Hill sock (yarn gift from Kathyb) started.  I am trying to force myself not to start the butter colored vest but am wavering.

Life is good.


SissySees said...

We are *SO* well-met. One friend insists I'm part Druid, because I react so strongly to tree removal. The Knight and I actually broke up before we were engaged because he took it upon himself to take down a couple of trees for me...

Katherine said...

Oh I like the Druid description! I'm surprised you forgave The Knight and married him. He clearly has been a very good boy since then. Yep, don't mess with my trees!!

kathy b said...

where where where?? I so want to see a mouse Chicago? area??? send me to the mouse house!!!!

can i say that Cherry Tree hill is pooling kinda yucky.....
since I sent it to ya?

Katherine said...

My favorite mouse houses were where we turned off of Medinah Rd. onto Thorndale and went around the airport. They seemed to line the streets from the country club on. I don't know if they are even there anymore but at that time they fed my hunger for mouse houses to dream about.

I understand about the sock pooling but another strange thing is that I l-o-o-o-v-e yarn that pools on socks. I call it accidental art and my favorite socks have crazy pooling. Yep, I'm just a little strange!