Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blog Award


Chan Knits gave me an award recently and I want to pass it on.  I should have done this sooner but I am in something of a disordered state of mind coming off of the 17th.  I go home and sit in my big chair in the corner and stare into space.  DH says I am "licking my wounds" but I don't even have the energy for that.  Anyway....

My five awards go to five of my favorites.  These are blogs that I go to for every post and love these people!!

And to complete the award task, here are five little known facts about me that probably should never have been shared but here goes:
1.  I speed read so I read 100+ books a year, about 50/50 fiction and non-fiction.  I enjoy speed reading and I DO retain the information. 
2.  I am hooked on The Young and the Restless and General Hospital.  I record them every day and watch, minus commercials, in the evening.  Other than the two soaps I do not watch much TV.

3.  I do admit to being a golf channel junkie!  I don't play golf I just watch it.  When DH plays I sometimes ride in the cart and tell him what he is doing wrong.  He doesn't let me come along very often.  Go figure.

4.  A lot of family secrets surfaced later in my life (in terms of surprise brothers and sisters complete with surprise second families, and relatives who were married to someone other than the person they were said to be married to.  Interesting secrets and a good thing to find out later in life because it doesn't really matter any longer!!    Note:  never let it be said that kids and teens can't keep a secret because all of my friends knew about this and never said a word to me. 
5.  We have a rule in our family that whenever anything happens or there is news of some kind, I am  told about it FIRST.  Otherwise, mom gets very, very unhappy and you do not want mom to be unhappy!!  On the other hand, when a week like last week comes along I consider rethinking this rule(both granddaughter and darling daughter hit deer on the road and totaled their cars on two consecutive days).  Sometimes it's just better not to know!!

Knitting news--Easy-Peasy Shawl is three feet long and sock number one is getting a toe.


Grace said...

thank you for the award, I will post all about it very soon, glad Easy Peasy is going so well and the socks are growing too

Your 5 things are very similar to what I would say especially 1 2 3 4(slightly different but close) and 5 oh wait that is all of them

kathy b said...

Oaky Celtic Memory Yarns is now on my list.>>How could I miss her all this time???

Your twists and turns later in life are interesting and the tell momma first rule is so cute. What is with your crazy deer??? What time did they hit them?
Fireman and I were coming home from Lake Delevan yesterday at night and I was on deer patrol. NOt the highway that I could see. BUt I fear them! Maybe I was channelling your DD and GDD.

kathy b said...

Oh and Thanks for the AWARD~!

SissySees said...

Thank you for the award!!

Rotten deer. The Knight hit one in the chiefmobile over the winter, while responding to a call.