Sunday, April 29, 2012

Scratching An Itch

While I have been busy knitting Easy-Peasy shawl, which is now four feet long and needs to be six, something has been bothering me.  You know how it is when something is in the back of your mind saying, "Listen to me.  I need your attention!"  I usually love it when the knitting talks to me but this is a time when I just want it to be silent and let me finish that last two feet of the shawl.  Nope.  Talky, talky!

It took me a while to figure out what the knitting was saying to me and when I figured it out I realized it had a point.  "What happened to the sleeve of Lace-Edged Cardigan?"  "When was the last time you saw that project?"  "Are you ever going to finish that sweater?"  My answer to all of the above was, "I don't know."  It was alarming to acknowledge that I don't know where a piece of knitting is, especially after finishing  more than 80% of a sweater I could wear all summer.

So, the morning started out with an all out search for the missing sweater and in-progress sleeve.  If I had not re-organized that yarn cabinet a few weeks ago I would be in a world of hurt right now.  It was there, neatly folded on a shelf with the Signature needle still in the half-finished sleeve on top.  I grabbed it and took it to the office with me.   It generally happens that office knitting gets finished first because I knit off and on all day.  Now I will have a new cotton sweater to wear with this:

After which I will carry Easy-Peasy to the office in this:
Note:  Update from last post--after many complaints from neighbors the real estate company allowed our neighbor to pick up her belongings and clear the lawn.  She has family who have taken her in.  The City sent a crew to help pick up, mow and trim hedges, and generally spiffy up the place.  We have all breathed a collective sigh of relief!!

Life is good!


kathy b said...

lOve the dress, LOVE the bag.. OH i want that bag!!
GOod for you a FO!

Nancy said...

Glad to hear that the squeaky wheel does get the grease once in awhile, i.e. your sweater and your neighbor and your neighborhood.

I love the dress, too, and wouldn't mind owning one like it.

SissySees said...

Off to favorite that sweater pattern.

Hooray for good (albeit former now) neighbors!!

SusanB-knits said...

Love the sweater (adding to my list of "want to knit") and the bag!

Grace said...

I am an addict I admit it I am a bag addict, please tell me more about that bag, I am jonesing here over that bag.

the sweater is lovely too as is the dress!