Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm Being Stalked

It followed me to work and gawked at me from across the office.  It spoke to me in whispers at first then became increasingly loud to the point of being obnoxious.  I guess you can't put a good sock down and this one is a good one.  So I worked on it off and on during the day and ended the day with the heel turned and the foot started. 
I think I was getting tired of Easy-Peasy Shawl not getting any longer (except that it is now growing) and wanted to feel a sense of accomplishment.  As the madness at work enters  the last week, and knitting time between tax clients decreases as the time between clients becomes nonexistent, it is hard to finish a single row during a whole day.
Soon knitting will come back around to an important position in my free time.  I feel it coming!!  Life will return to peacefulness and I will return  Until then sock will keep me company at my desk, on my keyboard, on top of the ever present columnar pad.
As I was leaving this morning something buzzed by my head and I swatted at it.  Huge dragon fly?  Super wasp?  Then I saw the miracle that is happening on my front porch--wrens in the wren house.  DD bought the wren house for us at Christmas three years ago.  Since that time it has not been inhabited by a single little bird.  Now there is a family and they are so busy that they appear to be remodeling the place.  DH thinks they may even have moved in a plasma TV.  A peek inside revealed several small eggs and a very industrious Mom.  Developments to follow as the babies hatch.

Life is good!


SissySees said...

I was going to wax poetic about the sock and how happy it is, and then I saw that wren house!! How awesome!!

kathy b said...

Oh I am so happy your crazy season is OVER and let the knit madness begin again. A wren!! I love the wrens when they sing their bubbly song. Can't wait to see the babies...>!!!!!

Love your sock even if it does stalk you

SissySees said...

Me again... I shared an award with you on my blog, and I also wanted to let you know that I'm going to wait until after this "holiday weekend" to mail your package. ;)

kathy b said...


Happy end of tax season. Thanks for the YES vote on my bleached shawlette!