Thursday, June 14, 2012

Moving Along

Please pardon the blurry pictures.  I don't know what is happening with my camera.  

The last sleeve of Lace Edged Cardi is moving along but, sadly, not finished due to work interventions.  I really need to finish this sweater because I have another waiting in the wings.  You heard me right, the person who swore off time intensive projects just last week has been bitten by the sweater bug again!  The attacking project is Velvet Morning from  I'm thinking I can use a DK weight yarn and a smaller needle and have a yummy, slouchy sweater for fall.  (Clearly my printer needs attention as well as the camera).
Work requirements have kept me from finishing the current project.  It is continuing education time again and I am not in the mood for it!!  It brings to mind my CPA friend who talked about retiring, as I do, and went ahead and did it, as I have not.  He said that when one reaches retirement age and is still sitting in classes and taking tests it is time to quit. 

I have also spent time in the evenings working on the garden.  It is really too hot so the little veggies are not doing much.  I just keep babying them and hoping they will live.  At least the carrots have done well and the bunnies have not figured out a way to get through or around the fence, so I'm having success in something!  

Life is good!


SissySees said...

Knitting? Oh yeah. That's why I have yarn and needles wadded up in a bag or ten...

Giggle. Retirement is a highly personal thing, and very far away for me.

kathy b said...

Katherine!!!! THat is a gorgeous lace edged sleeve. WOW WOW WOW

Keep babying those garden veggies..they'll come along...

Im all for retiring...cont ed is a PAIN

Nancy said...

Retire when the time is right (you'll know) and not before, but once you do retire, you will be amazed that you even had time to work. ;oD

Love the lacy sleeve.

SusanB-knits said...

Love the sleeve. I too have been bitten by the sweater bug. But the sweaters I want to make have little or very short sleeves. But I need to finish some socks first!