Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Success Is Spelled G-R-A-C-E

I can't say thank you enough to sweet Grace!!  Without her suggestion I never would have tried seaming a sweater with the sewing machine.  I thought about it but decided that the fibers and stitches would stick in the plate and bunch up into a clump that would possibly ruin the fabric. 

 You can see how uneven the stitches are on the bottom half (side seam) compared to the top sleeve stitches done on the machine.

Then Grace came up with tissue.  Did you get that?  Tissue!!  She said put tissue under the sweater pieces which makes the whole thing slide right over the plate and stitch together smoothly.  Works!!  You can see from the pictures that the sewing machine seams are much smoother than my hand stitching.  I plan to take out the hand stitching and also sew that seam with the machine.  And further, I have never been happy with the blue sweater I finished last year.  The seams look awkward and uneven so I will re-stitch them with the machine as well.

Grace, you are amazing!!

Don't you love it when after years of doing something one way you find another way that works much better.  I'm never too old to admit that I don't have all the answers--yet!  My Mom always said, "I plan to learn something every day I'm here."  When she left us she was probably the smartest person I know.  Even her great-grandchildren would "go to Granny" when they had a question about anything.  Let's all vow to learn something new every day!!

Other events:
Garden is growing well but suffering in the 108 heat.  We are using TONS of water!
Lunch and shopping with DD today promises to be hot but fun.
Wendy Johnson's Summer Solstice Shawl is on chart B.
Weight Watchers has led to a 10 1/2 pound weight loss.  Slow but going in the right direction.
IRS course is over.  Must sit for test in July.
Macy and Max had a bout with fleas.  We won!!

I've had too many baths.  I'm not talking to you lady!

I don't know about you Max, but I feel better! 

Life is good!


Nancy said...

A good tip to remember.

kathy b said...

Grace is so darn smart!!! SHE should write a book.

Glad you won the flea/itch wars!

Stay cool my dear friend. Thank God for a/c

SissySees said...

Now THAT!! motivates me to learn to sew. Seaming with my foot and a machine? Sweet! ;)

SissySees said...

PS - SHAME on me for not mentioning how lovely the pups look... and the seams too!

Grace said...

I am so glad I can help someone---it lifts my spirits knowing it worked!

Anonymous said...

That's the best thing about community. Somebody usually knows a solution so I don't have to keep making the same mistakes. The sweater looks beautiful. Good luck with the heat.