Monday, September 17, 2012

Great Things

It has been a long and stressful week full of hurried days and long work evenings.  We were late to bed, early to rise and pushed to the wall at work.  Odd that I should be finished with all that today and DD is starting the same routine at the hospital where they are in start-up with a new online patient records program.  It comforts me to know that I am not alone in the stress and pressure stew.

I wonder why we do these things to ourselves or allow them to be dumped on us, but I guess it makes the pleasant moments in life all the more sweet.  It makes me stop now and then to think about the great things in my life and thank God for those things.

One of the great things in my life are the dogs—my Macy and our little day-care visitor Maxwell.  They are the soft, warm element of my life.  The two laugh-a-minute buddies who keep my feet firmly grounded as my thoughts turn to kibble and full water dishes and a lap full of fur to soothe my ruffled feathers when needed.  Great things they are!!

Another great thing is knitting.  Knitting anytime, anywhere takes the rough edges off of most any stressful situation.  Sometimes I hate to hear the phone ring, but I’ve taught myself to pick up my knitting, which I keep by my desk, at the sound of the phone ringing.  I knit through phone conversations and have a habit of finishing one more row before putting it down again.  The picture shown is of my favorite yarn, the all-time great Simply Soft.  I have knit with almost every yarn available over the years (even Woolmeise) and I keep coming back to Simply Soft for softness, easy of care and knitting pleasure!  Simply Soft is indeed a great thing!!

Then there are crockpots, what great things they are.  While I am writing this post I have pork cooking in homemade barbeque sauce for pulled pork sandwiches at dinner.  We will pile on the barbequed pork and top with a chunk of coleslaw and…okay, I’m drooling already!  Crockpots are indispensable because without mine I probably would not cook except on the weekend.  Love my crockpot—it is a great thing.

I could go on and add dozens of great things like knitting blogs, heated leather car seats, popsicles after gardening in 100 degrees, books, iPhones and so on.  What are some of your great things?

Oh yes, one more—life!  It is truly great!!


Grace said...

I love heated car seats, even in the summer they really help my back

and crockpots all though i don't get to cook very often since it is Tom's way to destress

Yarn is also my biggest love, but a favorite, not sure, if its the expensive stuff probably Dream In Color or Lorna's Laces, for the everyday stuff Vanna or Impeccable threads

kathy b said...


Okay then My next blanket is simply soft...I trust you!

Crockpot love......I think my Al owns 3 of them. WE have a tiny tiny crockpot for meatball appetizers and Velveeta/mexican dips etc. WE have big one for the usual slow cook greats.

I love your truly great posts. The dogs, are just the cutest things though......I never tire of seeing them at comfort zone