Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Got Sock Yarn?

Amazing things happened when I started going through patterns for the pattern swap.  First I found the ultimate hat.  I guess I’ve told pretty much everyone that I sleep in a hat and wear a hat a lot to ward off AC chills on my holey head.  (left over burr holes from subdural hematoma surgery).  Anyway, my head gets cold and hurts!  So—hats!

In the process of hunting for patterns to share with swappers I found Judy Gibson’s lacy sleep hat and started it immediately.  I just happened to be working with crochet cotton for bookmarks so I decided to use it for the hat.  It should be light weight and soft.  BTW  Judy also designed the String of Hearts Bookmark.  Small world!

I also found a pattern for sock yarn squares.  OH WOW, do I have sock yarn!  When I considered the fact that squares are portable, quick, and have many uses, it was a done deal.  THEN, I found a KnitPicks pattern for a hat using sock yarn.  I think we should do this pattern swap thing at least once a month!!

I finished my first String of Hearts and it is pictured here with the lovely bookmark sent to me by Kim my swap partner.  Thanks so much Kim!!  I love it!  Knitting is always best when shared with friends.  It is so much fun to see the patterns other knitters choose to send to the next knitting buddy.   

Macy and Max have been bugging me today.  They are working in the office and decided they wanted lunch at 11:15 this morning.  These are the faces I was subjected to for a half hour.

They didn’t move except that Max left to gather a few toys.  I think he was considering trading for an early lunch.

Life is good.



SissySees said...

Love it all, but of course the last photos steal the show. Gretchen is also a bury you with my toys kinda' girl.

As I type, she's racing to grab her PANK ballie to meet the Knight at the back door!

kathy b said...

So very happy you are enjoying the pattern swap. Love your bookmark from Kim. Dark but lovely.

I somehow missed that you wear hats to sleep!!! Do you ever take a shawl and wrap it around your head like a babushka? I Do!

The pups are so fun.

Nancy said...

I love the white, lacy hat you are knitting. You certainly will be stylin'. The photos of Max and Macy are darling. Nothing works better than a good stare down! ;oD

Several years ago, I wore hats in my house all year long. I was always freezing to death and could almost feel my body's heat exiting through the top of my head. After I was diagnosed with an under-active thyroid and started medication, I was finally able to be "hat free" in my home.

Grace said...

love your choices, and the bookmarks are adorable