Sunday, September 23, 2012

Worth Repeating

I definitely have to knit this lacy bonnet one more time!  I love the way it looks and the way it feels, like a warm cocoon around my head.  It is pretty and frilly and such a super pattern deserves to be knitted at least one more time.

The lace bonnet is modeled by the big pink pig also known as Piggy Bear, the name GD#3 gave him long ago.  Our youngest granddaughter has a “thing” for little pigs.  In the first grade she announced that she wanted her own piggy.  She drew pictures of little pink piglets and hung them everywhere.  When we had the chance to take her to a farm to see real pigs she was so excited she couldn’t sleep for days before the trip.  I think she believed she would come home with her own little pink piggy. 
When we arrived at the farm she insisted on going straight to the “piggy house.”  We propped her on the fence in front of the pig sty and she silently watched as the pigs gobbled up everything in their path and rolled in the dirt.  Finally she said, “Those are not pigs!”  We assured her that they were indeed pigs, both large and small.  She was silent again for a minute and then she said, “Well!  They aren’t pink!!”  The experience didn’t ruin her love affair with pigs, but it did put a dent in it.  The pictures she drew after that were much more basic, and never again pink.
It has cooled in Texas.  Patio knitting is so pleasant I can’t wait to finish dinner and head out back.  We have been treated to Monarch Butterflies, Chickadees, Golden Finches and still, incredibly, Hummingbirds.  The sunflowers in the field beyond the fence are big and gorgeous, and the horses come to visit the little dogs that love them so much!!  I used to call these the “golden days of September” when we lived in Illinois.  How lucky are we to be treated to the same golden glow in Texas.

Life is good!!


Nancy said...

Your hat is wonderful and so cute.

Temps are much cooler here with a smell and feel of colder days to come. The sky is STILL smoky from all the forest fires to the west. I hate to admit that I wish it would snow or maybe rain to extinguish those nasty fires. The house is open during the day, but closed at night. If I forget, the house is pretty chilly in the morning.

SissySees said...

Fall is here, and was in Chicago too. LOVE IT!!

The hat is beautiful and just right for this time of year.

Life is good here too, even if still rather hectic. It will settle down a bit after Thursday.

kathy b said...

Your night cap hat is adorable......rather Mrs Claus -ish!!!!!!!! In the best of ways.

Pink piggy....hee hee. Suey. and she must have been about three then. Zach one announced during dead silence, while clydesdales were judged at the State Fair, "HEy someone colored on that horses Penis" (because it the skin was black and white covering the shaft!)