Thursday, November 01, 2012

Not Much

How much does it take to help those who lost most or all to Hurricane Sandy?  NOT MUCH!!  First our prayers are needed.  Our thoughts and positive energy are needed.  If you are able to open your home to a now homeless family or go to an area ravaged by the storm to help in clean-up efforts you are fortunate and will be blessed by your service.  Many are only able to give a bit, so I want to give this information here:  we can donate by going to OR simply text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10.  It’s not much but it will help!!

In the not much category of knitting, I sorta, kinda stopped everything to knit two Chicago Bears team hats (using this pattern) and I’m enjoying the round and round and round of them.  The yarn I’m using is new to me and I can happily report that it is extra soft, bright and colorful, and very inexpensive.  It’s called “I Love This Yarn” and I really do!!  It is pure acrylic but I love it anyway.

Not much is happening with the pups.  They work and play and sleep.  That’s about it for them, except that they are so darn cute while they are doing it.  Max loves to create a pile of toys and sleep on top of them.

When it’s cold they both snooze in my lap while I knit around them.  BTW we have had some COLD weather during the last week, but not much!

Not much is new in the crockpot except the best chicken, tortilla soup I’ve ever made/eaten!!  I threw a bunch of stuff together and was rewarded with kudos from friends and family.  DH must have eaten three bowls of the soup and when a friend stopped over and said “Something smells wonderful,” I dished up a cup for him.  He sat down, ate it, and announced he was staying for dinner.  It’s so easy:  just two boneless chicken breasts, 1 can of enchilada sauce, 1 can of Rotel, 1 cup corn, 1 can black beans and chopped herbs from the garden.  I cooked it all together for 4 hours on high, then added tortilla chips and shredded cheese.  It was good.

And so is life!!


SissySees said...

That sounds good... and I don't even like chicken (except in Mexican... go figure?).

Love the lap/dogs photo. Replace Max with 50 lbs. of Sissy, and that's how I knit most evenings.

Nancy said...

Your soup sounds delicious. I've saved it for another day.

I've seen "I Love This Yarn" but never used it. Thanks for the recommendation.

kathy b said...

Da Bears rocked it today!!!!!!!

I'm making that soup this week!

Will wave to you tomorrow on my way HOME