Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Run, Run, Run

Much of my energy these last days and weeks (has it been weeks since I last posted?)  was spent on the storm, the election, an audit, and one really good thing granddaughter and her husband coming from Chicago to visit.  I’ve been “run like the wind” busy!!  By the time we finish with Thanksgiving and Christmas I will be ready to put earbuds in my ears and listen to audio books while knitting for the next year.  Maybe two! 

One especially good thing that happened is that I received my shawl pin which I won on Kathyb’s blog.  It is beautiful and is the first and only shawl pin I have ever had.  I feel so lucky!!

In case you don’t watch TrishaYearwood’s Southern Kitchen on the Food Network I have to tell you about her No-baste, No-bother Turkey.  While knitting the Bears hat I was watching cooking shows and was awed by this idea.  Set your oven for 500 degrees, rub a 12 to 15 pound turkey with butter and place in a covered pan.  Roast for an hour.  After the hour, turn the oven off but DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR.  When the oven cools and all remaining heat is gone (Approximately 4 hours) the turkey will be done to perfection.  Caveat:  I would test that with a meat thermometer!!  Trisha says it is the best turkey you have ever eaten.  Since I’m not wild about turkey I must try it.

It has turned cold in Texas and the dogs are hibernating.  They soak up the afternoon sun and then take long naps.  That’s just exactly what I plan to do after all the holiday hoopla.  Look for me under the afghan.

Life is good!


Nancy said...

I love turkey and always look forward to roasting one for Thanksgiving.

The shawl pin is lovely. Congratulations!

Too cold here to get out and do much, so I am tempted to hibernate, too.

SissySees said...

The pin is stunning. Both of my shawl pins are "stick style" so I think I need to branch out next.

Love the turkey idea. Might have to try it!

And look at those sweet pups. Gg is protesting the below-freezing mornings too.

kathy b said...

Awww, it looks perfect on that shawl...>MEANT TO BE.

Guess what /??? Al's been looking for a way to roast her turkey that's perfect.....I' just sent her the Trisha Yearwood method!

Im making turkey for Fireman and I on wednesday....I may try this method as well.

Hang in there dear Katherine...ENJOY The holiday...
I'm looking for knit time too!!! I plan to knit all day on Thanskgiving...
My neighbors have invited me to dine with them

MrPuffy said...

If your daughter is coming from Chicago tell her to bring you some Garrett's Popcorn!!! Lucky you to win such a pretty shawl pin. I don't always think about using a shawl pin but they add such a nice finishing touch. I might join in the hibernating with your pack :)))

gMarie said...

Oh I don't like turkey at all, but my family does. So I might try this. This year, I had the hubby smoke turkey breast and it was fabulous!! g