Monday, November 26, 2012

Things I Have Learned

·         I have learned that very little knitting gets done without TV.  Watching television was always my thing to do while I knitted, but TV has grown to be SO BAD that I don’t watch it as much anymore--in fact, almost not at all.  So the knitting isn’t getting done and I am feeling the loss of both my knitting relaxation and any aspect of excellence in television programming.  I am learning to knit with my iPod and audiobooks.  It is still a struggle because I tend to go to sleep when I listen to audiobooks but I am trying!

·         I’ve learned the secret to weight loss.  I’ll bet you all want to know that one!!  Thanks to Weight Watchers and the habit of tracking what I eat, I have lost 30 pounds.  It was a tough fight but I think I stumbled over the missing puzzle piece (for me at least)…wait for it… F.O.O.D.  Yes, food is the culprit and what I have learned is to not be controlled by it—even chocolate.  I’ve discovered that the first bite of chocolate tastes the same as the whole candy bar, but let’s face it, sometimes you just can’t stifle chocolate!!  Anyway, at this advanced age I am learning what is truly important in my life and food is not one of those things. 

·         I have learned just this week that I don’t seem to have the annual beat-my-chest and pull-my-hair craving to go Christmas shopping!!  Christmas shopping—it doesn’t even sound exciting.  I approached the family at dinner last weekend and described my odd malaise only to find that they all (mostly) felt the same way.  There was a little nudge to share in gift giving on Christmas morning, but only in so far as to wonder what we would do with the entire day if we didn’t.  So we decided to each give a gift to a charity and on Christmas morning share whatever information we have found about that charity with the rest of the family.  I’m excited and looking forward to it!

The pups are talking amongst themselves.  They must be sharing Christmas secrets or deciding what to get the squirrels in the back yard for Christmas.  I’ll bet it will be good!

Macy says, “Let me in.  The squirrels have all gone home.”

Max says, “Do not fool with me!!  I am not in a good mood!”

Life is good.


kathy b said...

GOod for you and ll involved with a CHristmas morning charity!!!

I knit to TV and in the car as well. I love Modern Family and it is just too short a show. I laugh so hard.
You must rent the Movie BUCK and KNit to it. YOu'll love it. Every animal lover loves it.

I knit to the WEATHER CHannel....I'm serious

SuAnn said...

Hello Katherine - hoping you can tell me if there are any more Comfort Zone double point needles around? Bought some from you a few years ago and loved them.

Katherine said...

Hi SuAnn,
Yes, I still have plenty of every size and can probably even give you some color choice. We are only taking payment through Paypal at this time and are charging $5.00 per set plus a flat shipping rate of $2.50. Just let me know what sizes you want and your color choices and I will try to match as closely as possible.