Friday, February 01, 2013

Moving Forward (Sort Of)

The Chroma striped hat is finished and I love, love, loved the knitting of it!!  It has just enough slouch.

Next I plan Blue Moon Boysenberry socks and Lorna’s Laces Camo fingerless gloves.  The Camo yarn is from stash.  I have consoled my multi-project cravings by allowing myself one project from new yarn and one from stash at the same time.  My problem seems to be that I am easily bored with one project and no matter how fast I knit, trying to finish, it never goes fast enough to placate the boredom.  So, two projects is truly a case of me giving in to project monogamy, or as close as I can come to it.

I was horrified when I went looking for the Camouflage yarn and discovered at least two dozen unfinished projects languishing in two huge laundry baskets.  I had pushed them on top of the big stash cabinet and pretended they were not there for so long that I had forgotten about them.  When I couldn’t find the yarn I was searching for at first, I pulled the baskets down and almost cried from shock.  Am I so insensitive that I would treat knitted items in such a way?  Do I care so little for the magnificent softness and yumminess of quality yarn that I would throw it to the wind and wish it away?  It looks that way!!  So I did the only thing I could do with such madness—I put them back where I found them….

Macy found a warm spot to nap.

Life is good.


Nancy said...

Love the hat and the way the yarn striped!

Your new projects will be great if the yarn is any indication of the outcome. You may have to tackle those UFOs the same way - work on one new project and one UFO or start a new project and frog an old one. Either way, you win!

Many of my UFOs are not because they weren't challenging, but because the yarn was not right for the project.

Katherine said...

You are so right Nancy! Many times I try to use the wrong yarn for a project because "it is there." Like most knitters I have an aversion to frogging but it is a necessary evil! Your idea is a good one and I really like the thought of reclaiming all of that lovely yarn. Thanks!!

SissySees said...

Giggle... Macy is cute, and that hat is awesome. Love both of the new yarns. I don't have that many UFOs, but some are rather large and withing sight of the finish line... or not.


kathy b said...

I LOVE THE hat self portrait. and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hat.

Isn't sitting in a patch of sun how animals show us how to sieze the moment?? I love those shots of our beloved pets in sunshine

gMarie said...

Macy is precious. Love that hat! That yarn looks yummy. I was going to suggest the same thing Nancy did -- one UFO -- finish or frog and one new project. I try to keep a large project and a smaller portable able to carry on a convo project on the go at the same time. works for me. :) g