Monday, February 25, 2013

Wool Gathering

My Mom used to say that I was the best wool gatherer she knew.  My ability to daydream or just generally goof off is legendary!  I love the fact that knitting gives me a perfect excuse to go wandering in my mind even though wool gathering and numbers do not seem to mix well.  I can tell you that daydreaming and accounting are breeds apart!!  Anyway, there hasn’t been any wool gathering going on lately.  End-of-year went smoothly except for the software glitch that was solved with a little innovative action and now we are breezing into tax season with hardly a crisis to show for it.  That’s the good news!!

The bad news is that year-end work has left me little time for knitting.  Even at my desk (my favorite place to knit) it is hard to find a minute to knit a few stitches.  I think that means that I am working with resolve as I once did so I can give the appearance that I am not in the least interested in retirement.  I like keeping people guessing!

Lately I’ve heard statements like, “I haven’t heard you mention once how much you hate doing this.  Why is that?”  Answer, “Oh, it’s not so bad.”  DH said, “You haven’t been complaining.  I’m proud of you!”  Answer, “Thank you.  I think it is important to just get the job done.  Complaining doesn’t solve anything.”  Ahhh, I love the look of complete bewilderment on their faces!”  If I can’t be free to sit and knit I can at least play with their minds!

Nope no wool gathering is being done here, but no knitting either.  I’ve started another pair of fingerless mitts and am working intermittently on the peapod baby sack and matching hat for maybe 10-15 minutes a day and that’s it.  I hope the knitting deities will forgive me because the wool gathering spirits are not even speaking to me right now!!

Macy and Max had baths and are drying in the sun.  Max wants back in.  I think he has work to do.
Life is good.


Nancy said...

My knitting has been gathering dust the last few days.

The red fingerless mitt is lovely. Does the yarn have sparkles in it?

I tend to wool gather often since I retired, so once you take the plunge, you won't have any problems.

SissySees said...

My girls need baths. I wanted Sissy to have one before she met the new vet tomorrow, but since we never made it above about 43... it didn't happen.

I don't have enough energy to daydream anymore. Boo!

kathy b said...

Awwwww Max is uber adorable.

I Love the knit yarns you show in the first image!!!

You cant do just finished those hospital mitts!! Its just your TIME Of year Katherine.
I know you'll enjoy knitting away again.
Im proud of you for not complaining!! it is hard not to.

10 minutes a day of knitting is better than none!