Monday, January 28, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

This is one of my favorite knitting positions except that I usually don’t have the blanket, mitts and hat.  Since the electricity bill doubled last month we have been on a heating austerity kick.  It is so cold the dog was fighting me for the blanket.  I’m afraid to be too insistent on increasing the warmth in the house because my line of yarn buying credit might enter into the conversation.  When I mentioned that my hands were cold I was told to put on mitts and knit faster.  Good enough!

I am enjoying the Chroma even though it is a bit splitty, but that causes a sort of uneven, rustic look to the stitches.  The hat is done with one variegated colorway (yellow, grey, blue and purple) with a stripe of stone grey.  When finished it will be my first Christmas gift of the year.  Yippee, I’m ahead of the game.

I have been listening to a lot of audio books while knitting.  I just finished Third Gate by Lincoln Child and started Sudden Death by David Rosenfeld.  There is not a lot on TV these days—or at least not a lot that I enjoy.  I love to watch BBC mysteries on the Kindle, such as Midsomer Murders, Inspector Lewis, Campion, and Miss Marple.  I really get “into” the manor houses and clothes and outdoor settings.  Love it!! 
Aren’t we lucky to have knitting as our anchor?  Stress, boredom, long waits, complete chaos, just knit through it!  One more football game or golf tournament on TV, just knit through it!  I think I could knit my way through Armageddon.  Today, thankfully, it’s just Miss Marple.

Good hot chowder for dinner.  YUM!

Life is good.


Nancy said...

Your pot of chowder looks mighty good. I'll be over for a bowl.

I agree with your assessment of TV offerings. I've been streaming old TV shows and movies on Netflix via my Roku device. It's the best purchase that I made last year. I'm watching the series of Hack currently - very entertaining.

Here's hoping it warms up in your area soon.

gMarie said...

Your hat looks charming. I love finishing the gift knitting so early in the year. I need to pull sock yarn and get started on the gift knitting myself. Stay warm - enjoy the chowder. g

kathy b said...

The grey in the hat is ingenious. I love the colors.
YOu in your nest is so funny. Looks just like ME!
I have a blankie on my lap and a cat instead of a dog on my legs.
Its 65 degrees here today: WACKY weather. Tomorrow and the next day very very that means
thunderstorms in between....

SissySees said...

Chowder looks yummy. Macy looks cranky. But I thought everyone knitted/read/watched TV while packed in dogs.