Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's In The Bag

Voila, the new phone bag!  My sweet husband complains that he can never reach me.  I have a phone, but communication has been unreliable between us since the day that I kicked my iPhone to the curb and claimed the Samsung Galaxy Note as mine.  A bag was needed to corral the critter and keep it with me at all times. 
DH is out of the office a lot visiting clients, and to his credit he has always been one to keep in touch.  Not so much since the new phone and the fault is all mine.  It just doesn’t fit in my hand the way the iPhone did, and the weight of it causes me to put it down to use both hands.  You know what follows—bye, bye big phone.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a great phone; in fact, I will never go back to Apple.  I love the apps, the note taking, the appointment scheduling capabilities.  The screen is big enough for my not-so-young eyes and I am mad about Android!!  I am a Droid user forever!!  But it’s big!  HUGE!

Anyway, after not posting all this time (tis the season) I finally post a blog to tell you that I stopped all the baby knitting, all the sock knitting, all the fingerless mitt knitting, to knit a bag!  That’s pretty much it.
Thanks to all who have continued to pray for and send healing thoughts to Mr. Max!!  He is almost healed and almost back to his old Superdog behavior.  He does like to get me up in the middle of the night because I can hear him chewing his paw three rooms away.  And he loves the reaction he gets when he climbs up on the back of the recliner or climbs a low tree limb in the yard.  Everyone runs and screams, “Max, no!  Get down before you hurt your paw!!”  Yippee, instant attention!!

Macy has tolerated the whole two weeks of commotion, being the aloof, independent JRT she is, but she is just about THERE in the enough-is-enough category.  They are a basket of fun!

Life is good.


SissySees said...

Pretty bag, but gosh Max snoozing on the arm is so sweet, and Macy is always such the poised JRT!

I'm guessing you don't use that thing much as a phone? It appears bigger than the original "car phones" of old...

Nancy said...

Love the phone bag. I was telling my friend Cheryl a couple of weeks ago that the size of photos was going to change the size and shape of pockets. I don't carry my phone because very few of the things I wear even have pockets. Your bag is a good solution to that problem.

How wonderful that Max is feeling better. The recliner armrest is the perfect place for him to nap.

kathy b said...

OH my goodness Katherine

THat bag you knit is amazing amazing amazing.
It puts to absolute shame the little thing I whipped up on big needles for my phone, last week.

Glad you can report Happy PAWS!!!