Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bippity Bobbley Boo

Once upon a time there was a hat that needed to be knitted—a cute little hat with bobbles.  They were cute little bobbles that looked like berries in a pie.  They were the dickens to knit!!  They were the kind of knitting project that makes one say words one would not ordinarily utter on a bet!!  Difficult little bobbles.  Horrible little bobbles.  Hate the little bobbles!!

I have made this hat before and I remembered that the bobbles were no fun but I didn’t remember, until I was in the jungle of bobbleland, that I had to frog the last berry hat at least once, and that I had to find an easier way than the pattern described.  Oh but I remembered very fast when I started knitting the stinking little bobbles.  And then I frogged!

Now I am sailing along making one cute little berry after another, but I will never enjoy making them because they hurt my hands.  If you decide to make this hat for a baby in your life you might want to search Google or Bing for “how to knit a bobble.”   You will find several videos outlining a much easier method than given in the pattern.  A problem for me was that the pattern calls for purling the bobbles, making it additionally hard to achieve the required yarn-overs and knit together(s).  The video methods are based on knit stitches and that makes all the difference.

On top of crazy-making bobbles our little Max started limping and holding up his left front paw.  When I looked at it I discovered that it was swollen two or three times the normal size.  Long story short—he had surgery on the paw and is wearing the “cone of shame” and a huge bandage.  Here he is sleeping off the effects of surgery:

When we revisited the vet yesterday he said there was no progress even though he had packed it with steroids and we are giving him antibiotics.  If it doesn’t improve a lot by Saturday they will have to do more surgery to explore the reason for the swelling.  The poor little guy is being so good! I am exhausted because I am sleeping with him to try to keep him quiet.  Whenever he moves I jump. 

Macy is being Nurse-doggie and giving him lots of sloppy kisses.  All prayers, healing thoughts and crossed pet paws are appreciated.

Life is good!



SissySees said...

I *HATE* bobbles. I hear they are easier to do in crochet, but haven't tried.

Poor Max. Gg has taken to licking her left rear paw in support. I don't see any swelling or anything... I think she's just found a new way to be neurotic.

Crossed paws and prayers.

Nancy said...

I don't like bobbles and refuse to knit them.

Sorry to hear that Max is struggling. I hope additional surgery is not needed.

kathy b said...

Praying to Dear St. Francis right out my kitchen window for you all. The POPE Francis would help too.
MY ROZZY has something compressing her trachea....not good news we are watching it.

HOw do you think pup got injured??????

gypsyknits said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog concerning Mr. Bettis (more commonly known in his inner circle as the infamous Mr. B).
I don't have an email set up for the blog so I had to come here and leave a message. I must say I strolled through your blog ;).
Little doggy prayers for your precious one and hope healing comes quickly.
Mr. B & the gang say, "shake a paw".

p.s. I despise bobbles :(