Friday, July 15, 2016

Too Much

I often complain that my “to do” is “too much.”  That has been keeping me away from blogging and I’ve missed it and all of you a lot. 
Lately, when I knit I’ve been watching the TV shows about tiny houses.  I thought it would be fun to live in a tiny house but my sweet daughter said to not even think about it.  Where would I put all my stuff?  She says we would have to insulate the walls with my yarn and decorate with my sunglasses and pens, both things I collect.  Too much! 

We laughed about it because it is sort of funny, until I realized that my “collecting” is rubbing off on my great-grandchildren.  Like this one—we call her “The Diva.”  If she collects couple more pair of sunglasses they will start adding “like great-grandma!”
This time of year I am usually knitting the “sweater of the year,” my one lengthy knitting project each year.  This year the yarn stash is “too much” so I decided I needed to knit a second cardigan sweater—a project that will use up at least 8 to 10 skeins of yarn.
While searching for the right sweater yarn I discovered that my pattern collection is running over the bookcase where it resides.  All of my patterns are in plastic sleeves in notebooks and the notebooks seem to be growing in number.  I can’t bring myself to throw any of them away, but what if I suddenly discovered that we were going to have to move into a tiny house. 
I’m happy to be out from under and back to posting.  I’m hoping “too much” doesn’t get me again any time soon--except for things like this guy who truly comes under the heading of “too much.”  

He was grazing behind our back fence yesterday afternoon.   
Macy went out to tell him to move along.   
Max told her he would hold back by the house just in case he needed to get to the door really fast.
 Life is good!



Tired Teacher said...

No doubt that I have too much of a tiny house, too. I can cope with small spaces, but I would like to have my "stuff" as well.

elns said...

I like how the dogs are on patrol at your house. I really related to this post, not just because I have multiple pairs of sunglasses, but just the thoughts of stuff. In theory I love the idea of paring things down, but I don't really put it into practice. I find keeping a goodwill bag in the hallway is good for a person like me. I have turned sorting into 2 boxes (one to keep, one to donate and then I have a garbage bag. It's what works for me, though I don't utilize these methods very often. Afterall, there is so much to knit and bake and do ... :)

kathy b said...

so THATS a TExas longhorn? WOW . IMpressive Kind of gorgeous!

Im so so happy to see you posting. I LOVE your sunglasses collection!!

Welcome back to regular blogging Katherine, I'll hold you to it!