Friday, July 22, 2016

What's Next?

I have discovered a number of knitting patterns that I want to knit—now—in the middle of two sweaters. 
The left front side of the summer 2016 cardigan is finished.  I’m using Caron’s Simply Soft because I love the stuff!!  Since this is a stash buster of sorts I am making the back and sleeves in emerald green and the front in plum (Plum Perfect).  I hope it works!

Being a major Malabrigo lover, I never thought I would fall in love with an acrylic yarn.  I know I’ve said before that Simply Soft is everything a good yarn should be, soft, washable, and easily wearable.  I have a sweater and a shawl in Simply Soft that I have been wearing for almost 10 years.  The shawl is off white and requires frequent washing, but that is no problem for this miracle yarn.

Add the knitting projects to a pile of sewing projects I have in the sewing room and—WHEW! There is a shirt in black speckled silk ready to be cut.  Jumping back and forth between knitting and sewing isn't a problem, I can multi-task with the best of them.  My big problem is that a bunch of tax file boxes have unexpectedly popped up in my sewing room which doesn't leave enough room to turn around in the small space.  I am thinking about taking a long vacation until it is all sorted. 

When I am doing nothing else I bake dog cookies and crockpot bread.  The dog cookies have been great for keeping rashes and allergies away.  I am also still cooking the pups’ food.  Every few days I throw 3 pounds of ground turkey, ground carrots/celery/kale and a generous sprinkle of oregano into a pot and cook it all up.  It lasts about 4 days and keeps then healthy with no bouts of scratching and skin irritations.  As for oregano, the pups love it!  They will stand in the back yard and eat it right out of the garden until I make them stop.  The vet says it’s okay unless they try to eat a ton of it. 

It’s so good to be back in the blogging business!  Along with the knitting, sewing and cooking/baking it all keeps me out of the summer heat.  I can honestly say—life is good.



Tired Teacher said...

I agree with you about Simply Soft - it's a great yarn. The plum and green will look nice together. Have you thought about adding some plum stripes or ribbing to the sleeves?

kathy b said...

The sweet pansy socks are so dang cute!
Here here for repeating a yarn that you've loved for years. What better idea?

Stay cool! We are really humid and hot here too. It is cool enough to sit on the porch with a fan on at night.
I hate the house all closed up.

Pie keeps begging to go out in the heat. I let her out set the timer and force her back in.