Thursday, July 28, 2016

Purely American

About two years ago Adam, our nurse/photographer son, discovered a family of Bald Eagles in residence beside the Lake, only a block from our house and his (he lives a block away from us).  That year and the next the mom and dad eagles took turns sitting on two eggs in a huge nest.  Both eggs hatched and a little girl eaglet and a little boy eaglet grew, battled wind and rain, and finally flew away, swooping low over the lake, to become symbols of a great and mighty country!
In 2015 the same mom and dad eagles deposited two more eggs in the same, although spiffed-up nest, and another set of female and male eaglets hatched.  This time, however, only the girl survived.  The boy eagle was frail and uninterested in eating from the first, but the female was large and strong.  She left the nest earlier than expected, soaring, gliding and shrieking along the shore of the lake.

This year Adam was afraid to hope the eagle family would return, although they tend to use the same nests many times as long as they prove to be capable of supporting young eaglets.  As we gathered for Sunday dinner around the first of the year, Adam announced that the eagles were back at the same nest.  He left early after dinner to take pictures of their cartwheeling/swooping breeding ritual and promised new and better than ever pictures for our family.

They have become “Our” eagles!  We love them and Adam’s gorgeous pictures observing the beauty and tentative nature of their lives, and their tribute to a grand country of strength and determination.

It’s too hot to cook on the stove or oven so the crock pot is getting a workout.  Today it is chicken corn chowder.  I’m simmering fresh corn, potatoes, onions and garlic in the pot and almost ready to hit it with the immersion blender, some sour cream and a little flour. 

After that I will throw in chunks of chicken from a three-day-old crock pot chicken and serve with a bit of yesterday’s crock pot honey cornbread.  YUM!!

Life is good.


kathy b said...

Your Eagle family is a wonderful sharing story! They are amazing birds. How fun to watch them. You have a viewpoint that not many others get to experience!
Your crockpot corn looks amazing Katherine.
Our corn is almost peak sweetness now in the stores and stands. mmmmmmm

Tired Teacher said...

Your son took some fantastic photos of e Eagles!

I've never tried to bake in a crock pot. Do you have any tips to share?

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Katherine!

elns said...

I love the story of the Eagle family and how fantastic you are so close! What an amazing experience!

I fully endorse, support and sanction all crockpot cooking. I am toying with a Tiki Masala soon...

kathy b said...

Hey Lady! Announced your birthday on the MOnday Q and A's. Head over to comments and read your wishes!!