Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Another Bunch Of Odds And Ends

I am enjoying KathyB’s dishcloth swap but it did take a moment for me to get back up to speed with dishcloth knitting.  I started "Triangles" which I thought would be a super pretty, super easy dishcloth and six rows into it I had a mess!  I’m not a newbie knitter either!  I’m a dinosaur with two sweaters, a lace shawl and two pairs of socks on the needles.  I think the problem was it is one of those patterns that requires constant counting.  How am I supposed to watch TV, talk, hold two dogs and/or listen to an audio book while counting?
Both the left and right (purple) sides of the stash sweater are finished and I have started the forest green back.  At this rate I think I will finish it in time for the first sweater day.
A few months back I asked for prayers for a family member who is battling Lymphoma—the worst kind.  I want to thank all of you who sent up prayers for Dotti because they worked and are working!  Her recent PET scan showed only one tenacious little spot which we are sure up-coming chemo will take care of.  So we still need those prayers and good, strong thoughts!  She reports that the worst part of the treatments has been losing her hair.  I made her a sleep cap like the one I sleep in.  I wanted a light weight cotton that is soft so I used Blue Skies Skinny Cotton, however, the only color I had is an awful brown.  Still, it will be comfy and warm for sleeping and I’ll make her a white one when I get the yarn. 
I’m also sending her extra hats for the big donation box they have in the chemotherapy room.
I’m currently reading Tidewater.  It’s about John Smith and Pocahontas in the early 1600s during the establishment of Jamestown.   Fascinating and fast moving!
Pups send hellos and sloppy kisses.
Life is not only good, it is amazing!!




elns said...

I'm so glad your friend is improving. Sending more good health her way.

My mother has recently asked for another dish cloth, so I will need to get back on that game as well. I have enough leftovers to make more, but i"m so distracted by other things.

I'm with you when it comes to needing a pattern I can easily chat and watch t.v. with!

Tired Teacher said...

I love the colors you selected for the dishcloths. I, too, prefer a pattern that doesn't require a lot of concentration.

Since I use a CPAP, I doubt I could keep a sleep cap on my head. It looks comfy, though.

Continued best wishes for Dotti. I love the assortment of hats you're gifting to the chemo center.

kathy b said...

So happy she's well. Prayers for Dotti and prayers of Thanksgiving..my favorite kind.

I Too was like newbie when I started my recent dishcloth. What goes on with that? We can knit socks in our sleep and a simple dishcloth looks crappy if you aren't careful! The ones with issues, I keep. Spaghetti sauce is fair game for those

Judy S. said...

Sending hugs and lots of good thoughts to your friend! Have you thought of making a hat of furry yarn; I did one for a friend and it kind of looked like hair. Glad you like your dishcloths! The Almost Lost pattern is pretty easy to keep track of, once you do it.