Monday, August 08, 2016

The Week That Was

Last week brought a fun celebration.  The family gathered at daughter’s home for Moi’s birthday.  I can say with absolute certainty that we had the BEST cake I have ever tasted—and the prettiest too.  Daughter and son-in-law outdid themselves with food and celebration.  Brats sizzled, margaritas flowed, and chips and dips were scooped up until we all lounged on the couches and chairs mumbling something about naps. 
The big birthday surprise was my newly cleared sewing room with a new craft table.  I’ve wanted a big craft table at least 36 inches high so I don’t have to bend to cut fabric.  The new tables (two clamped together) are 48” X 48” and a full 36” high.  The tables are perfect although the clearing part was a big deal!  Every year husband stacks tax boxes (LOTS of boxes) in that room until filing and storage takes place.  That process takes so long that the seasons run into each other and the room is always jumbled and disorderly.  No more.  We have cleared away room in the storage building for the boxes—forever.  He promised.  That leaves a wide open, well equipped sewing room.  Heaven!

Son and sweet daughter-in-law gave me TEXAS to hang on my sewing room wall. 

In the process of cleaning the room and closet I discovered that I have 11 pair of jeans that I can’t wear any longer due to an expansion of the waistline.  A quick trip to YouTube gave me the answer—slit the side and add a piece of jean fabric.  Within an hour I had three “new” pair of wearable jeans in my closet.   

The pups are spending most of their time in the house with the weather being too hot for them to enjoy the yard.  Not a lot of squirrel chasing going on.  Not a lot of golf being played by husband.  I have some unhappy natives on my hands.  I hope their demands will leave me enough time to sew and knit.

Life is good.


Tired Teacher said...

I foresee a lot of sewing happening in your "new" space! Nothing beats having the cutting table at a comfortable height. I use bed risers to bring mine closer - my back rarely bothers me anymore.

The pants repair is a clever idea.

kathy b said...

OH awesome gift. WOW . Great that it will keep your back in good shape. >Nothing worse than crafting in pain. LOVE that cake. Oh my. It looks so darn good. Thrilled you had a great Birthday Lady!

elns said...

What a great celebration, Katherine! I can't believe that cake is REAL! It looks good. Now I want cake and sausages. Hope you're happy. hehe. Sorry it's so hot but I love your sewing ingenuity!

Judy S. said...

Thanks to Kathy's swap, I found your blog. Looks like we have a whole lot in common! It will be fun getting to know you. Sounds like you had a nice birthday. Happy Birthday a little late!