Sunday, August 21, 2016

Everyone Needs One

If you sew, quilt or knit mostly in one room, you could use one of these.  If you are anything like me you leave bits of thread, yarn and fluff behind you.  I have to dust mop my sewing room almost every day, and the stuff I drop is unbelievable.  So I used my Walmart Savings Catcher refunds to buy what I call “Baby Vac” because it weighs 5 pounds with all the attachments.  It is a wet/dry vacuum that is stronger than it looks.  Everyone needs one!  On my way out of the store the checkout woman said, “Awwww jus’ wook at him.  Isn’t he the cutest widdle vacuum?”  Ahem….
Everyone needs a trip to Glamour Shots at least once in your life!  I found this picture from 10 years ago—back when I had hair.  When I stumble across a photo like this I have a moment of sadness for the hair that was.  It was red and full.  It was that moment in time when I was satisfied with the hair!  Now it’s close cropped, grey, curly and thin.  It is what it is and I’m just so happy to be alive that I don’t really miss the big, red hair.  Not too much.
Everyone needs a granddaughter who loves them.  She gave me a poster for my birthday that says, "The best example of love is a grandmother".  She has gone back to college and I miss her terribly!  Samantha is the RL in her dorm this year and is already enjoying being Mom to a bunch of young women who are far from home.  She is going to be an amazing nurse.
Everyone needs a Jack Russell Terrier in their life—at least once.  Macy is everything a dog should be.  She has always been even tempered, sweet and loving, and well mannered.  She doesn’t talk like Max, but she understands not only commands but too much of what is said around her.  She is Super Dog to the nth degree! 
Everyone also needs a Max, but only later in life when you have nothing better to do than listen to him “talk” all day and to do everything he tells you to do.  He is cute and fun and Macy’s favorite “person.”  He caters to her whims and tells us what Macy needs and when.  Maybe I should say that every Macy needs a Max—and every knitter needs two dogs to sit on them while they knit.

Life is good.


Tired Teacher said...

What a fun post!

My hair is what it is, too - grey, thinner, and straight. It used to be a warm brown, thick, and wavy. Sigh!

Judy S. said...

My hair is much thinner, too, but at least I have some! I was laughing, as we have a Max in our life, but he'll soon be 5 and ready for kindergarten. LOL He's Stella's big brother.

kathy b said...

I didnt know when I paired you and Judy that you hadn't ever met. She's great. Im so glad you liked to swap with her.

elns said...

The dogs are sweet. I understand how you feel about your hair. Mine is just fine. It's just gray and it shows through really fast. I feel guilty for being vain but I'm adjusting. I'm okay with dying it now. I feel grateful for the option you know?

The love of family is never to be underestimated is it? Your granddaughter sounds like a lovely young woman. It's one thing to love, it's another to be so good about showing it.

Just bought a mini vac for my cube at work. It gives me great joy. Don't ask me to clean my apartment though, ha!