Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

I tried to tell Macy that it's 79 degrees outside, but I think she has decided to hibernate for the winter--cold or not. This has been such a quiet, slow, do-nothing-but-watch-TV-and-knit weekend that I was tempted to join her a couple of times as I started to nod off. THEN, things became busy as DH found several projects that I didn't really think were critical, but joined with him, in the spirit of the new year. Rah, rah, go me!

And then there's football--which is only good for knitting:
"Did you see that play?"
"Yes dear."
"Are you sure? Do you want me to run it back?"
"No need dear, I saw it, (over the tops of my glasses during a s1, k2tog, psso stitch sequence)."
"It's so much fun watching football together!"
"Yes sweetheart is surely is."
Well at least knitting through the game was more fun than all those projects.

I've made a good start with the beginning-of-the-year knitting projects. I have finished one black man sock for DH, and cast on the second sock. Finished one lime koolaid dyed sock and cast on for the second. And, I started the Le Beret in hot pink wool from Morehouse Farms. The Clapotis has hit the back burner, as have all other projects until these are done. I went to a wonderful shop in North Richland Hills called The Knitting Nook. Beautiful yarn, good prices, and great customer service. I'm definitely going back there! It inspired at least ten ideas. One is a long vest in Plymouth Encore that I bought the yarn for.

Just want to say Happy New Year to all my friends and family. I love you all! Thanks for all your support and patience with my knitting and needle-sales projects last year. We're going to do great things together this year--I can feel it coming.

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