Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Good Friends, Good Yarn, Life Is Good

Isn’t this just the cutest needle case? I love it! Friend Wendy of Intertwinement sent it to me, along with the wonderful yarn shown here. The case is made to fit Comfort Zone needles. If you haven’t seen Wendy’s yarn, you must go the Intertwinement site and peruse the goodies there. I want everything there—gorgeous stitch markers, too cute charms, needle cases, and some of the yummiest yarn you will ever see!
I ordered the Lady Bird Beetle yarn for socks for GD #4, who loves anything vivid and exciting. I’m going to make them long and in a pattern that will encourage some interesting pooling on the legs. When I received the yarn, I found the needle case included, and immediately added some CZs in matching colors. I’ll use the red needles on the Lady Bird socks.

My life incorporates so many lovely, delightful things—I am truly blessed. I have a loving husband, amazing children, terrific grandchildren, wonderful friends, my sweet dog Macy, and yarn. Of course the yarn leads to knitting, but yarn in itself is enough! I love to pet it, smell it, squeeze it—I could sit happily for hours with a lap full of glorious fibers. Just as I am never far from my loved ones, I am never far from yarn in some form. Stuck to the front of my computer monitor is a blob of mystery yarn. It has been transferred from one monitor to another, as I purchased new monitors through the years. It is purple and gold and getting a little dingy, but it represents where I could be and what I could be doing if not glued to computer tax and accounting programs. That little piece of yarn represents who I am down deep inside: a knitting entrepreneur, a designer, an artist, a grandmother with sock yarn, knitting socks for one of the GDs. I’m a happy woman!


Emma said...

What a great post. Love the needles case, love the yarn. Those will turn into beautiful socks!

wendy said...

Thank you!

wendy said...

Did you like the fun fact on the label?