Thursday, April 20, 2006

Good News and Bad News

First the good news… this sock is turning out even better than I expected, and because of the STR Fire On The Mountain yarn, which I love, my expectations were high. The colors are bright and beautiful, and the pattern, while not too visible due to the variegation, is visible enough to be pretty. It’s sort of a rib-lace-rib-lace etc. pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks.

It’s really good when a plan comes together. My knitting projects have been going well lately. I have been finishing socks quickly. Something Red has been going more slowly, only because knitting with Addis for more than a couple hours really hurts my hands. I’m spoiled by my Comfort Zone needles, which I can knit with for many hours without hand pain. Knitting with circs is something I put off until I start to feel guilty about the UFO lounging in my knitting bag

I can’t wait until the Comfort Zone circulars are ready sometime around the end of the year. Which brings me to the bad news….I always hear such wonderful, complementary comments about Comfort Zone needles. I guess that now I have to face the fact that there are those out there, who have purchased them and really don’t like them much at all. I heard from one such person yesterday. It was the first time anyone has said to me, “I am very, very disappointed.” (One “very” would have been enough). I cried!! I know it is all part of selling a product—no, it’s more than that! It hit me hard because I love these needles. They are my babies, and I want everyone to love them as much as I do! They are different from other dpns--maybe I need to furnish, on this blog and the web site, a short tutorial on how to become accustomed to the differences in CZ’s and other dpns, how to use them to individual best advantage, and a little of the history behind them.

Until then, I guess I'll just go cry some more….


Jenn said...

I can't wait to hear all about them! :)

wendy said...

NO (insert your favorite swear word here) WAY!!!!

You shouldn't feel bad just because some people don't get it. Just like my husband always says we need all types to make everything work around here. Even the really dumb ones.

I'm excited to hear about the circulars. The other day I put rubber bands on one end of two DPNs so I could use them as straight needles. Funny looking but it worked and I didn't need to use my metals ones that I now dislike.

Tonya said...

These socks are awesome now all I need to do is get this book (birthday is coming hoping optimistically...)
I am working on a patterned blanket for an upcoming birth event in the family by Ann Norling and it has a matching cap and sweater will make those too but right now I am using up stash yarn in ww using one ball at a time (I wound the yarn as I bought it on my ball winder)
It will be another ugly blanket(unplanned scheme)
I just love that sock.

CateK said...

You know, everyone is different. And everyone has different needs. Try not to let one person's preference (or needs) change or diminish what good work you are doing. Dab your tears, there are many people, I'm sure who love your needles.