Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Looking For STRA (SocksThat RockAnonymous)

You can see why I need help—I’ve wound the Socks That Rock in the Fire On The Mountain colorway into a neat little cake in order to start my next pair of socks. The other two are Falcon’s Eye and Marbles, and I expect to receive Ruby Slippers and Queen Rock in the mail any day. And, I have already made socks in Carbon and Cobalt Bloom. I know, I know, that’s a bunch of precious fiber. I told you I had been trying to cut back, “trying” being the operative word. But this stuff is soooo beautiful, soft, sproingy—it is fun to knit with and dreamy to wear. I told myself I was buying it to knit Christmas socks for DD, GD#1, GD#2, GD#3, and DIL#1 and DIL#2. Oh look! I’m one skein short—actually two, because I had already claimed Fire On The Mountain for myself. I want to keep going until I have used every colorway they make.

I need all of my knitting friends to tell me, “Get a grip Kat,” or “Don’t buy anymore Socks That Rock yarn. You can’t possibly use it all before Christmas.” Please, help me I’m bonkers over this stuff! I’m not thinking clearly, and when I don’t touch it for an hour or two I start shaking all over and get queasy. I whine a lot! Is there hope for me? Is there a Socks That Rock intervention group? STRA?

I’ve got it! It doesn’t count if I buy it to make a scarf or hat. I’m sure I read that somewhere. I feel better already.


Jenn said...

I'm totally jealous of your addiction!

wendy said...

I haven't tried them yet.
Maybe you should make wristwarmers, mrs.beeton's, or a watchband so it's always close to be petted.lol.

Emma said...

I've been resisting the urge to buy some STR myself, but your post feels enabling. Got to get out of here!