Friday, April 07, 2006

Needles In Haystacks

DD’s Regia sock number one is past the heel, so I’ve spent some time on the “Something Red” sweater. It is difficult to work on it because I feel my circular needles are too short. I’m using 32 inch needles, because that is all I could find. I should say, that is all I could find in an Addi Turbo, US size #7—hard to find needles.

Looking at this picture, wouldn’t you think that somewhere in there I would have some longer circs. Nope. Thirty-two inch is the longest, and most are shorter.

A friend told me I could get Addi Turbos on eBay from a man named Jeff Wonderland in Great Britain. I’m game, although I never enjoy shopping on eBay. Etsy I love, but eBay gives me nightmares. I ordered two sets of 40 inch Addi’s in US size #6 and #7. All went well until checkout. I was supposed to have noticed the shipping and handling charge back on the first page, which incidentally was in GBP. So, when I went back to find the charges I backed up to the product page, thinking I could then go forward to the checkout page again. No can do! I lost the whole thing and had to start over. On about the third try I finally checked out and ended up paying a fraction of what I would have paid for the needles in Fort Worth if I had been able to find them, which is good. Am I the only person in the world who finds eBay convoluted and difficult? I think there is just too much going on at each site, that there is no easy go here, click this, pay there capability. Anyway, the needles are on the way and I will be able to finish Something Red with ease.

Then this lovely blue yarn will be put to use in the Debbie Bliss Classic Jacket. I opted for wool instead of the cotton cashmere, mostly because it was cheaper and I've bought a lot of Socks That Rock yarn lately. (Give me some credit here--I'm trying to be good). Can’t wait to start.


Jenn said...

Have you checked at Cabbage Rose for longer Addis? They carry them - but I'm not sure how long they are. Love that blue yarn! Yum!

wendy said...

I think I ordered from the same guy...Don't worry I thought it was hard too. The mm measurements in diameter and in lenght and GPS was throwing me off. I had notepad up too so could keep track of what the heck I was up to. I ended up with good results though.

Kathy said...

IT will be a beautiful jacket with the yarn you chose. I love cadet blue. (the crayola name for it!)

Mitz said...

It is much cheaper to buy needles from;
The company is in Germany, the pages has been translated to English. There you can find needles up to 300cm could that be around 9-10 feet?
They also have SOCKYARNS!!!