Monday, April 25, 2011


I confess that I shy away from patterns that say "short row" anywhere within the pattern.  I've done short rows, sometimes well and other times not so well.  I would rather turn sock heels, knit intricate lace patterns, or tackle nupps, but don't throw short rows at me!  Well, in the spirit of catching up with other knitters and learning something new I am casting on for Corinne Cardigan by Crystal Junkins and accepting the challenge of short rows!  (Check the link and see how cute)!  I'm using this beautiful Rouge Knit Picks DK weight wool.  This is a peachy, pinky, peony-ish Spring for me.

I confess that I am stuck in the sweater mode.  Don't know what brought this on because I have been only an occasional sweater knitter in the past.  Now I find myself looking for sweater patterns: vests, cardigans, wraps, jackets, pullovers and so on.  I tried to cast on for the Rock Island Lace Scarf by Jared Flood but it didn't work and I was back to the sweater in about 10 minutes.  I guess I just have to get it out of my system.

Today's post is dedicated to my wonderful Grandchildren.  Wonder of wonders they read my blog!!  They are interested in Grandma enough to want to know what is going on in my life.  They also want to know what I am knitting for them on any given day (especially at Christmas).  What a lucky lady I am!!


I confess that occasionally I think about stopping the blog because although it has a lot of hits there are few comments.  I consider the possibility that only a few read it or that it is so deadly dull, no one cares.   During the last few months, however, I realized that I missed not posting my thoughts and the goings-on here in the Comfort Zone.  So I've decided that if DD and the GKs ( and faithful friends Kathyb and Grace) are the only ones who read these ramblings that's enough for me.  Anyway, the GKs get a kick out of telling their friends, "My Grandmother has a blog."  That makes me a cool old lady!

Life is good!


Amberpearl said...

I would miss your blog, don't give it up. I read and enjoy all your posts. I will have to try and post more comments so you know I am still out here. I've been so busy reading others blogs and keeping up with things on Ravelry that I have done very little communicating myself. However know I'm still here. Currently working mainly on the In Dreams mystery KAL and STR travelling sweater.

kathy b said...

I would miss miss miss you if you didnt blog! I love your posts. SO glad your grandkids love that you blog!!
Your sweater run is going to be very fun to watch!

Katherine said...

Thanks Anne! I've missed hearing from you. Hope you are enjoying life and doing lots of knitting. I'm looking forward to pictures of In Dreams and Traveling Sweater!

Katherine said...

Kathy, my grandkids tease me about being a cool grandma with a blog. It's quite a compliment! Just finishing the first sleeve of EZ Cardi and casting on for Corinne. I never thought I would enjoy sweater knitting so much.

Marti said...

I have been off the computer for the most part lately and trying to catch up on reading my blogs! I would miss you if you were gone!