Friday, April 15, 2011

Is It Spring Yet?

Today is THE day and I have dug out from under a mountain of paperwork.  I'm just beginning to realize that the weather is getting warmer, the plants are blooming and the grass needs mowing.  When did that happen?  This slow down in my life happens every year about this time but this year I have even had trouble finding time for knitting--forget about enjoying the seasonal changes!  I finally took a lunch time moment to find buttons for the blue sweater.  It needed seven, an odd number don't you think?  Swarovski didn't let me down though.  They served me ten blue crystal buttons in a package and they are perfection!
In the past weeks I have found myself picking up the EZ cardigan for a row or two in the evening before falling asleep in my chair.  DH will come along and ask, "Why don't you just go to bed?"  I usually make a comment about it being too early and go back to one more row of the sweater.  I can tell you for sure I'm looking forward to some finishing time on this one!  My Mom used to say, "This too will pass" and I know that is true. 
I frequently post photos of the dogs Macy and Max.  Since things have stalled knittingwise  and they continue to get cuter every day I guess it is okay to post another picture of them!  Here they are in the office double teaming me for a relief trip outside.  You see those bottom shelves on the bookcase?  They are usually filled with stacks of client files.  All gone!!  It is April 15th baby and even though IRS has given us until April 18th to file this year (does anyone know what Emancipation Day is?) none of our clients want to wait.  So in essence, it's over!!

Life is good.


kathy b said...


For blue buttons
spring unannounced
and mostly for the end of tax season! Ive missed you my friend

Katherine said...

Thanks! I've missed blogging as often as usual. Hope to get life back on even footing!