Monday, August 08, 2011

Knitting Backwards

I have a problem with socks!  No, that's not right--I have a problem with my feet and getting socks to fit them.  My feet are long and skinny.  I actually had a woman in the YMCA locker room ask, "How does a big girl like you walk on those skinny little feet?"  At least she thought something about me was skinny.

Anyway, over the years I have developed a formula that produces socks that fit my feet like they were made for them.  Pun intended.  I've outlined it a couple times on this site so I will not do it again, except to say that it is a series of casting on for regular sized legs, decreasing  at the ankle, knitting a long flap followed by a deep cup heel, and decreasing more for the foot and toe.  Fits every time!

This time, when I cast on for the Catherine Socks I decided to try Cat Bordhi's new Sweet Tomato Sock Heel.  I love Cat!  I follow her on Facebook and I love her sock patterns.  Her designs are interesting, sometimes challenging and always beautiful.  The Sweet Tomato Heel--not so much!!  Not so much for me, I should say.  My skinny heel swims in the Sweet Tomato.  Then there is the whole short-rowing thing, which I always swear I will not do, need I say more?
So now I have this sock that is half finished and I am about to frog it back in the most inhumane way.  I'm going to grab that yarn and pull it all the way back to the design on the leg.  Muwhahaha.  I have to add the sinister laughter because I've never done this before and I would cry otherwise!

Well, that's my week--sock gone bad, brutal frogging, big delay finishing and no accomplishment to show.  It just has to get better!

Macy says, "Maybe if I can rub off some of this fur I'll be cooler!"


kathy b said...

YOu are not alone...I think I"ll frog the sock I started in the colorway from Channon. I think it wants to be a hat.....the pattern of the yarn would be an awesome hat for a son who plays the guitar...]
friends dont let friends frog alone...

Katherine said...

Glad to keep you company sweet Kathy. I've always believed that if we listen to the yarn it will tell us what it wants to be!

SusanB-knits said...

awww... I'm sorry you had to frog it back. I haven't tried that heel yet. I may have to start a pair of plain socks and try that heel with it. But first, I need to work a few other projects.

Katherine said...

I think it is a wonderful heel for a person with a wider foot than mine. Also an interesting way to knit a heel!