Wednesday, August 31, 2011

They Never Called Me Kate

Early in my life I asked why no one ever called me by the name on my birth certificate--Katherine.  There was never a good answer.  My Mom and Dad called me Kitty.  Teachers called me Kathy.  Friends called me Kat.  Others called me Kit, Kat, Kath, hey you, but no one ever used my real name.  When I became a "big person" and could decide what I wanted people to call me I decided on Katherine.  Every time a different name was spoken I would correct it--"Katherine!"  It finally stuck but now I wonder why I didn't choose Kate as in Princess, great beauty, fashion trend setter, darling of celebrity watchers. 
I guess my birth name is as close as I'll ever come to that, except maybe The Shawl!  The wonderful "Look at me I'm a regular person type Princess" shawl.  I have to knit it.  I have to toss that great shawl around my shoulders and go to Wal-Mart.  Then they can call me anything they want as long as they preface it with my proper title--Princess!
To accomplish this goal I ordered a pretty hunter green wool with flecks of burgundy and teal tweed.  What did I get?  Well, let's just say I ordered wool and got steel wool.  I didn't know wool could be so rough.  What kind of sheep are they raising in New Zealand?
As much as I want to knit the shawl now, I am thinking about returning the yarn and waiting for something softer to arrive.  I can't imagine going to the Wal-Mart Supercenter wearing a scratchy shawl and itching as I push my cart.  People will whisper, "Well she certainly isn't Kate."

But I am.  I really am!


SissySees said...

The yarn SOUNDS pretty. Sorry it feels so very rough!!

kathy b said...

Kate, dear Katherine, Kate I'll call you both
Dear Katherine Kate,
No itchy shawls for me either! Im so in to soft. Wool can be so brutal. All that conditioner nonsense doesnt hold too much water still