Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It Is What It Is

Macy says, "Mom is still having problems with the knitting mojo.  She says I help a lot!"  It's true, sometimes the dogs are all that is standing between me and depression.  I've been wishing I felt like knitting or anything that would take my mind off of the events of the last few weeks:  seriously ill granddaughter, close family member having cancer surgery in a few days, another family member out of work... it goes on and on.  I get up each morning wondering what is going to happen today but also remembering that nothing will happen that God and I can't handle together.  That is so true!!  Okay, I feel better now!
I am excited about the fact that I picked up some Lorna's Laces sock yarn and started a pair of slipper socks.  I haven't done much yet but it looks like the beginning of a sock.  I am doubling the yarn, using a brown/green variegated and a plain mink brown.  It has been amazing to see the variegated colors materialize as a Fair Isle looking pattern--at least on the ankle.  I hope it continues through the foot. I hope I continue through the foot!!

My original thought was to make tube socks but as I near the heel I am considering leaving an opening for an afterthought heel.  I've never done one, although I know it is as simple as knitting a toe.  Usually, when I arrive at the heel, I cave and knit my old tried and true flap heel.  Maybe this decision will hold my interest through two socks.

Macy and Max are doing their usual Christmas shtick by singing Christmas songs along with the TV music channels. ( They never sing with regular music).  Their little voices blend in  "Whoo, whoo, whooooo," "Muff, muff, muff, choo."  It is hilarious.  Last Christmas I was able to get a picture of Max singing because he is a ham and loves to have his picture taken.  Yesterday I got this one of Macy.  She dislikes the camera and either runs or pretends to be sleeping when she hears me turn it on.  She may not like the camera, but she loves to sing!!

Life is good.


SissySees said...

Sweet, silly babies!

I like knitting an afterthought heel. One of my friends doesn't like the way it fits her foot, but I like a snug sock and love that it stays put!

Keeping you & yours in our prayers.

Katherine said...

Thanks for the prayers Chan! I'm trying to keep my chin up so I can cheer the ones who are having surgery and looking for a job. It's hard, especially this time of year.

Macy and Max are so cute singing. I will try to get a video of them. I know it would be a hit!

Grace said...

adding my prayers to Channon---I understand all too well!

kathy b said...

Im sending Christmas prayers of peace your way all day today Dear Katherine. YOu have been scared silly with granddaughter.....don't push it. YOur spirit will soar again. I LOVE your fair isle start my goodness it is amazing. I find fair isle great to get my mind off things and just focus.
Lorna's Laces is just the ticket....

And if all else fails...well....champagne makes ME silly..

Katherine said...

Grace and Kathy,
Thanks so much for the prayers and kind thoughts! It has been a rough time for the family and I need to "take a chill pill." LOL

Odd thing about the "Fair Isle," it is totally created by the variegated quality of the yarn. I'm not doing any fancy stitch work at all. Sometimes things are better left to chance!