Monday, December 05, 2011

Shaggy Dog Stories

You have all heard shaggy dog stories--those that go on and on and end in...well, they just end.  Well here is one that DH and I will be talking about for some time to come.  If I had a video of the whole thing, it would go viral in an instant!

Max our little doggy visitor, our granddog if you will, is always doing crazy things that make us laugh.  We call him "liquid dog" because he can get into amazing positions and spring out of them at the sound of the refrigerator door opening or the doorbell ringing.  Last night he was in a recliner with Macy, across the room and to the left of where I was sitting in another recliner.  DH said, "It is past 11:00 and I'm tired.  Let's go to bed."  I answered, "Okay but let's take the pups out one more time to make sure they are set for the night."  Both dog's lifted their heads in anticipation as I pushed the knob on the side of the chair and moved forward to get up.  At that moment Max jumped from the dog chair across the room toward my chair meaning to land on the footrest (a feat he accomplishes several times a day) just as the foot rest on the chair went down.  All I saw was a dog flying through the air--then he hit the floor on all four feet and kept running toward the back door.  Swoop!!  DH and I looked at each other in amazement and then collapsed in laughter.  Where are the video recorders when you need them?
Another shaggy dog tale:  I think I have discovered the reason I am not knitting much--it's called a Kindle Fire!  I have been reading, watching TV shows, watching movies, reading some more and just generally enjoying this new bit of technology.  I am almost finished with an older Michael Connelly book, Black Ice.  It is a Harry Bosch book and I am a sucker for Harry!  I have a mental image of him as a cross between Indiana Jones and Dirty Harry.  I imagine him looking something like Matthew McConaughey, mostly because McConaughey played Mickey Haller, Harry's half-brother, in the movie The Lincoln Lawyer.  (Told you this was a shaggy dog story).  
A-n-y-w-a-y, that's what I've been doing so I decided last night, right after a Vicar of Dibley marathon, that I need to get back to my knitting.  I pulled out a half-dozen skeins of Knit Picks Palette and a Fair Isle chart to start a pair of wrist warmers.   I plan, by sheer force of will, to knit mitts and wrist warmers until Christmas Eve which will require keeping my hands off the Kindle!!  Wish me luck.

Life is good!


SissySees said...

Pfst. Do what makes you happy. Read and buy wrist warmers, or gift them in a few weeks when you're inclined to knit...

Max sure is a cutie!

Katherine said...

Oh you are so right! Mitts and wrist warmers are to buy but time to read is harder to come by.

Max is very cute and a big talker. If any dog could ever verbalize his thoughts it would be Max. He tries so hard!

kathy b said...

Our pets make us laugh so much don't they???? THey are little comics.

GREAT that you figured out your knit mojo......Fair Isle is just the ticket!!!!