Saturday, December 03, 2011

Something Fishy

Strange thing--when there are major life changing events in my life, I react by not being able to knit.  I'm talking family passing, major surgery for DH, children, grandchildren--nights up sitting in the hospital or caring for an ill family member.  Forget knitting. 

I try!  I really do try!! I pick up the knitting and put it down, pick it up again and leave it on a table or in the chair.  This has been going on since our granddaughter's surgery and the most I can say is that I finished the fishy fins which took about 20 minutes.  No other knitting has been done and I don't know when the urge to knit will come back--I never know.  When my dear Mother passed away, for almost two months after I felt it was frivolous to knit.  I was dealing with life and death and going on without her.  Knitting was the last thing on my mind.  It is again. 
I guess the answer is, "Wait!"  and I can do that, but until I start knitting again there isn't much to blog about.  So, I will simply tell you what is going on at Chez Comfort Zone and leave it at that until the knitting juices start flowing and projects become FOs.

The dead fish hat is a gift for GS#3 who loves crazy hats.  His other grandfather watched me finishing the fins and said, "So YOU are the person who makes those outrageous hats for our grandson!"  I smiled and nodded.  He said, " Did you make the sock monkey, the dragon and the panda?"  Again I nodded.  Then he said, "Well, stop it!!"  Not everyone appreciates buffoonery as much as GS and I do.

Life is good.


kathy b said...

Your mojo will return, I know it. GLad beautiful GD is just fine. I am fine too. Had a bad cat bite while volunteering at the shelter this week hence my little ER visit.
I find I become more anxious if I dont' keep knitting. Like I"ll forget or something!

I love the crazy hats Katherine!

Katherine said...

So glad your ER visit wasn't anything too serious. I know the knitting will come back and that it is all psychological with me.

SissySees said...

Pfst. I'm not much on tomfoolery, but if you and GS enjoy it, keep knitting. Don't let a stick in the mud or two stop you.

Mojo is a delicate thing. Maybe it likes silly hats too? Keeping you and yours in our prayers...

Katherine said...

That's what I thought! It's not for everyone but as long as GS gets a kick out of it I will play along.

Thanks for the prayers! Just when we think things are getting better, we are back in the ER for granddaughter's pain management. Things will get better!!

Sarah said...

I love the fish hat!