Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winding Down to Year End

The slipper sock in doubled Lorna's Laces is moving along.  I was gutsy enough to leave an opening for an afterthought heel--the first I've ever made.  I am something of a stick-in-the-mud knitter when it comes to socks.  I always knit them the same way every time because I knit socks for myself and I know what is going to fit my foot.  The regular old flap heel fits well and lends itself nicely to decreasing around the instep for my slender feet.  (The only thing that IS slender about me, don't you know)!  I'm finding that knitting with doubled yarn is slowing me down a bit but not enough to be discouraging.  So, on to the toe...
I started a pi shawl in a Lang Jawoll Magic Superwash.  I'm using the forest colorway that subtly changes from brown to green to beige back to brown.  Beautiful!  The pattern is my own and simply K1, YO around every 20 rows.  It is mindless knitting and will either be a shawl or lap afghan depending on how my patience runs.  Let's face it, I am just getting my knitting legs back and don't want to put any stress on my determination to continue.

The doggies are resting because Christmas shopping and wrapping is done at Chez Comfort Zone.  Ours will be on the 24th due to nurses and the firefighter being on duty Christmas Day, so I plan to veggie on Sunday.  There will be a whole lot of reading, movie watching, and knitting going on.  Can you think of a better way to spend a holiday?  Then I'm taking Monday off so the accounting world will have to do without me.  I'm turning off the internal calculator and tax database and doing...well, pretty much what I did on Sunday.

I hope Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will be super fantastic for all of you and your hearts will soar with family love, good food and fun times!  Know that you are all in my thoughts, and you have my best wishes for a New Year that surpasses all others.

Life is good.


SissySees said...

I love the way the yarn is patterning in the sock, but those knotted up in a ball sleeping pups steal the show!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Katherine said...

The pups are exhausted! They undecorated as fast as I decorated. They are really good at their jobs, and when they fall down tired it is hard to hear the TV over the snoring.

kathy b said...

Aww, what wonderful wishes, thanks Katherine. It was comforting to read someone else 's family is working the holidays not just ours.
We will have our big dinner tonight and gifts in the morning tomorrow.
IM so glad you knittting mojo returned!!! I love your color work!!!!!

Katherine said...

I always pray for God's blessings on those who work while others have their family celebrations.

Grace said...

I love simple pi shawls, just did one myself-

Have a most Merry Christmas!

Katherine said...

Thanks Grace! I hope you and Tom have a blessed Christmas!