Monday, January 23, 2012

Hot Diggity, Dog Ziggity, Boom...

Finally I have started the contrast lace section of Ziggity shawl.  It seemed to take for-evah and since I neglected lace shawl knitting for many months last year while knitting sweaters, I appear to have forgotten how to knit lace and/or read a lace pattern.  I really, truly messed up the first three rows of the lace pattern.  I tried to fix it and after doing the best I could, I continued with the chart and the promise to myself that, "No one will ever notice."

Sorry, I can't go back now.  It has taken me too long to get back to my old knitting rhythm.  Even if it's a hot mess for the first few rows I will not rip and start over or give up.  I will wear this puppy to the office or anywhere with pride.  I may even hang a tag on it that says, "Don't laugh!  This shawl gave me back my knitting passion."
I have also finished the heel on the first Sourball sock.  I love contrast heels and toes on my socks so I used orange reinforcement thread to contrast with the lime green.  Sourball socks are destined to be among my favorites, especially because I am mad for lime green right now.  I have been dragging out all of my lime accessories and pairing them with black, brown, dark green, navy--if this was summertime I would be putting them together with pink, yellow, and turquoise!

Nurse and photographer son #3 took this picture of an F-18 Super Hornet flying more than 760 mph at a recent air show and I have used it as my computer wallpaper for some time.  It never occurred to me that there would be anyone who would not know what is happening in this picture until a client asked me where I got the picture of the plane flying through that strange little cloud.  Okay move along people.  No sound barriers being broken here....
(Picture taken with Nikon D300 with 500 mm lens at 7 shots/sec.)
Life is good!


SissySees said...

LOL!! That's a great attitude about the shawl, but I bet no one will notice.

I'm loving lime green right now too. What a great idea to pick up nylon in a contrast color. I've not tried reinforcing thread in my socks yet.

kathy b said...

I don't think my las comment went through. MY issues.

I LOVE the air show image. WOWZA.

Im sooo sooo happy your mojo is back. YOu know what I say about a man on horseback can't see your mistakes and no one else should be looking. You go girl on that shawl.

As for the lime, I LOVE It. So cheerful. I have a lime sweatshirt with a dog shadow on it the says, FIND LOVE ADOPT. It makes me happy to wear it.

Katherine said...

Thanks for validating my laziness! LOL Something in me said, "Just keep knitting."

Grace said...

we don't call them errors they are new design elements and you are totally right to just carry on and keep knitting!!!

Katherine said...

Thanks Grace!! I am enjoying being free-to-be-me!

Sarah said...

I am a similar kind of lace knitter! No one will likely ever know and you know you learned something!

I have a Norwegian sweater like that. :-) Second thing I ever knit in 1987 Norway. I see the mistakes and they reminded me how fearless I was to knit a multicolored sweater as my second project ever.

You go!