Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This and That

Guess who came to breakfast this morning.  The Downy woodpecker is a small sparrow sized woodpecker that is a rare sight in Texas.  He stayed for a long time, eating from the suet cake and occasionally switching to the larger feeder then back to the suet.  It has been a sparse year for birds.  We have started seeing Cardinals and Jays in the last week or two and last week a few Slate Juncos showed up on the patio.  Don't know why there are so few birds this year unless it is because the weather has been warmer everywhere and the little feather babies can't decide whether to stay or go.
Knitting is going slowly and I don't know why.  I am just approaching the first lace section of Ziggity and feel like I should have been there days ago.  Sourball socks are also slow going but using size #1 needles may have something to do with that.  What was I thinking?
A nice surprise was waiting for me this morning.  I decided to search my closet for a white silk shirt I haven't worn for a while and found the wool and bamboo shawl that I designed and knitted last year.  It was still draped around the shoulders where I put it when I took pictures for the blog.  I wore both and felt very classy and warm.  The shawl is perfect for the chillier weather we are having today.  I swore not to knit with bamboo again but the finished fabric feels so silky and warm that maybe....

Macy and Max are hibernating today due to the colder weather and wind.  
 They each took toys outside to play and immediately wanted to come back in.
Except for the short time my little tree climber decided to get a look at the weather from higher up.

Life is good.


SissySees said...

Could they be ANY CUTER?! I love it. Both of my girls climb trees. Sissy won't stay put long enough for me to get a photo though.

The one bamboo vest I made grew and grew and needs to be frogged. I don't know if re-knitting on a tighter gauge would help or not.

kathy b said...

Your tree climber is so funny!!!

Our downy woodpecker was just at our suet feeder this morning. He is a regular here. I think your assessment of why the birds are not around the warmer states is accurate.....it had been so oddly warm here...

happy knitting!

Grace said...

we to have few birds, and there are still robins everywhere, migration patterns have changed although the local blue herons are definitely gone!