Saturday, January 07, 2012

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, it's...

A SHAWL!!  I am actually, really, truly knitting a shawl.  This is nothing new.  I have lost count of the many shawls I have finished, but the "new" to this venture is a renewal of my knitting purpose.  My excitement at the thought of knitting a certain object is growing with each row.

It all started when I had a few minutes to bop around a few knitting blogs that I haven't kept up with recently.  I hit Kirsten Kapur's ThroughThe Loops and paged back through archived posts and there it was on November18th--Ziggity!  I love this shawl!!  I generally love Kristen Kapur's patterns but this one is simple enough to stir the knitting spirit in a new way and interesting enough to spark a search through stash for the right yarn.  I found it in Lang Jawoll Magic that came to me in a 2011 swap.  So, I downloaded an audio book (James Patterson's Private) to my Kindle, and cast on.

I never imagined I could be so excited about a knitting project.  The other project that is doing a good job of holding my attention is the Lion Brand socks in the Sock Ease colorway Sour Ball.  They are so outrageous in color and simple in design that I'm loving every minute of the size #1 needles.  Yes, this is what it is all about!!

I visited one of my favorite online yarn shops yesterday with the intention of ordering the first sock yarn of the year.  Something strange happened--I just couldn't do it!  I couldn't order yarn.  I had counted sock yarn in stash the night before and found 16 skeins.  At the same time I reviewed the rest of stash in the cabinet and drawers and began to feel ashamed for not using all that beautiful yarn.  I even considered knitting just from stash this year, but only for a moment.  I know my resolve will fade by mid-year and I will be back to buying that perfect yarn for that specific project.  For now, I'm working from stash.  It's a tough economy!!
Our little dog visitor Max is home for the weekend and Macy is recovering.  She is 9 and he is 2 but you would never know it when they start playing.  Macy is usually the instigator of their boisterous play--racing, wrestling with each other for a toy, and chasing rabbits.  For now, she is tired.

Life is good!


SusanB-knits said...

I like Kristen Kapur's patterns too! I'm currently knitting her 2012 Mystery sock. I have a couple of her shawl patterns in my "queue"
It's hard but I'm trying to use up my stash too. But I know there will be a pattern that I won't have the right yarn for and will have to buy some, lol.

kathy b said...

Hooray you got your mojo back !!!!!!!

I will go and look at that shawl!!!

Wishing Macy awesome dreams..

SissySees said...

9 is barely past middle-aged for a JRT, or so I hear. Mugsy didn't make it but to 12, so I'm hoping Gretchen and Macy are "above average"...

LOVE Ziggity. Must not look for yarn. I still have one sock to finish for clue #1 (#2 is out tomorrow), a scarf, a sweater... and so on.

Grace said...

I too am a Kristen kapur fan--and ziggity is in my queue but so is so much else. I too have not bought any yarn yet this year and I even have a Loopy Ewe gift card. I know I will remedy that eventually!!

Happy knitting!