Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Did Someone Say The "C" Word?

Christmas knitting--oh yes, that was it!  Several posts on my favorite blogs have mentioned middle of the year/Christmas gifts/getting started kinds of stuff.  I fought it at first and then I admitted that I must at least think about it, maybe decide what I will knit this year. 
During my knitting career I have found that when it comes to gifts it is much easier to make the same thing for every recipient.  It was hats one year, bags the next, and last year's cowls.  There was the socks year, but I won't do that again--all those different sizes and requirements like high, low, cotton, wool, dark colors, lace, no lace, etc.
So, thinking.  Thinking.  Thinking.  I've got it!  I haven't made scarves in a few years.  I could do easy, straight knitting, pretty colored scarves.  It is also an excuse to do a lot of seed stitching, my favorite thing in the knitting world!  So I rummaged through the stash cabinet (now I need to straighten it again) and came up with some scarf yarns that will satisfy even the hard to please, persnickety gift recipients.

There six skeins of yarn in my basket, each waiting its turn.  There are merino wools, cottons, bamboo and acrylics, and even a stray skein of Malabrigo.  I started by casting on with a skein of cream DK merino wool combined with a skein of mohair in a colorway called Fresh Herbs.  The resulting fabric is both colorful and soft.  I already know who will receive this scarf, and I am getting excited and feeling benevolent.  Christmas is my middle name!!

So go ahead and do your worst, tell me what day it is.  Tell me I need to hurry because the man in the big red suit is coming.  I am brave because I have six skeins of yarn in my basket and I have a knitting plan.  AND while I am knitting I am going to think about how long it will take me to knit 15 scarves.
Life is good!


SissySees said...

Lalalala... can't hear you! I still have a blanket to finish for a baby due any day now, and a boatload more babies on the way to knit for. Maybe they'll get Christmas knits instead of arrival knits?

kathy b said...

WHO wouldn't love a SEEDSTITCH SCARF????

I love your plan. I must do some seed stitch..I NEVER have. YOu've inspired me. How do I do it in the round for a baby hat?

kathy b said...

Hi Katherine can you shoot me an email?
I need your address

Kathy b