Sunday, July 29, 2012

Don't You Just Love It?

Ta da!  The yarn for my Classic Cardigan and don't you just love the heathered amethyst colorway.  This is KnitPicks' organic cotton, the same yarn I used for the Lace-Edged Cardi.  I love knitting with this yarn because it is soft, has good stitch definition and is sport weight.  I prefer knitting with sport and DK weight yarns.  I have hardly used a worsted weight yarn in the last year.
Also on the needles--seed stitch scarf-that-would-be-cowl in white merino and Kid Silk Haze AND Pixie Sticks Scarf in light and dark pink instead of pink and white.  I love the pink and pink peppermint sticks I buy at Christmas time so this scarf looks good enough to eat!  This will be a Christmas gift.  The scarf is angled and has a ruffle on the edges, the reason for the provisional cast on.
Weight Watchers is slow and at times grueling.  I have, however, lost 14 pounds and am thankful beyond belief for that much!!  I am losing at approximately .6 pounds a week due partly to my age I'm sure, and to the sedentary lifestyle that accounting forces on one.  I have started taking a mile walk during the middle of the day and have ramped up my evening gardening duties to weed pulling and edging around the raised beds.  Still--SLOW!!  At least the scale is going in the right direction!

After a week of the weeding I am putting a sign I found on Pinterest on my door.  It says, "Ring bell.  If no answer, pull weeds!"

Life is good.


SissySees said...

Love the pink stripe. My fur-girls think I should knit in purple and pink too. Hem. ;)

Congrats on the weight loss! That's a great, maintainable average loss per week. Let me know if there's anything I can do to support you!

Nancy said...

What gorgeous purple yarn!

It's hard to get the scale to budge, but slow and steady is the only way to keep it off. Keep up the good work.

Grace said...

love that weight watchers is working for you---I am going through ups and downs with it myself at the moment, its been almost 2 years and I thought I would be much thinner!

kathy b said...

Weight watchers is such a great plan. YOu keep going....sorry your are feeling like things are going slow....

I must get off the couch too!