Monday, July 23, 2012

Working, Working....

I did a lot this weekend--a lot of sitting and knitting!  The Two Kaths Hat is finished and the seed stitch scarf that would be a cowl is almost finished.  It started out as a scarf but decided to be a cowl partly due to the tactile joy the seed stitch brings, and partly due to the quickly decreasing amount of the kid silk yarn I have added to the white merino wool.  I thought I had another skein of it but nooooooo.
While I knit DH watched weekend golf and I listened to an audio book--The Third Gate by Lincoln Child.  This is not a book I would want to listen to in the dark as I do sometimes when I can't sleep.   Just a little weird and scary in a Stephen King sort of way!  That was a good thing on Saturday and Sunday because as the plot became more tense I knitted faster and faster!

The weekend also brought a revelation which is, I cannot Not have a sweater on the needles!!  The result of this discovery is that I ordered more organic cotton:
for the Superior Classic Cardigan.  Click on the link and see my next project.  I can't wait for the yarn to arrive.

Life is good!


Nancy said...

Thanks for the link to the gorgeous sweater. It is going to be beautiful in purple.

Not much knitting going on here, as I am working on another Quilt of Valor - funny how much the weather affects my motivation to sew or knit.

kathy b said...

Awww your hat is going to look great on a little one!!!

PUrple yarn......will be gorgeous knitted up to that classic sweater.

I have to cast on anew tonight too......I think it is going to be socks.....I have the yarn, the needles, now I just need some post work energy.

SissySees said...

Darling hat. Now, to see if I have yarn in my stash for that classic sweater.

Not that I'd actually have time to knit it, but you know... for the sake of conversation...

Grace said...

adorable hat, hope your grandaughter is doing well