Saturday, July 14, 2012

One Of Those Weeks

I have only finished one knitting project, and that is the Snow on Ice hat.  Big Bear wanted to model it for us so I let him.  He doesn't get to do much because if he comes out of his hidey-hole two dogs would jump on him, mistaking him for a dog toy.  Big Bear can visit Comfort Zone only under controlled conditions.

He will have another hat to model in a few days as I am well underway in the knitting of Kathyb's The Two Kaths Hat.  I'm doing mine in turquoise and cream Debbie Bliss Cashmerino.  Starting the Fair Isle section today.
With working, family, knitting, gardening, and being old enough to want to rest in the evenings after work, nothing much gets done.  I mean to say nothing much like writing posts and blogging, and some weeks the nothing much includes knitting.  It has been one of those weeks!

Although I always carry at least three methods of internet communication with me in the form of iPad, Kindle Fire, and iPhone, I never seem to have time to write blog posts on the run.  I do knit between clients/projects in the office, but I try not to load Word or log-in to Blogger and write a post because everyone would be doing it.  Come to think of it, then we could close the business and I would have plenty of time to do whatever I want.  I may be on to something!!

More stress comes from the fact that GD#3 is again having health issues.  Good thoughts and prayers are needed.  My beautiful granddaughter is so brave and strong, and I admire her determination to beat this thing.  She carries her pain and affliction like a sword into battle.  She will win!!  But, good thoughts and prayers always help.

My Mom always said that she could tell when I'd had a hard week because I would climb in a hole and sigh deeply all weekend.  What do you do when stresses are overwhelming and one more thing would be too much to handle?  What do you do to heal?  Please share.


Lulu said...

beautiful hats..
praying for your gdaughter...

Grace said...

lots of prayers for your granddaughter

you know how overwhelmed I am---usually I sleep but my back hurts so bad sleep is not easy to come by so lately I just peruse the internet and knit---I prefer silence whne I am tense Tom likes noise, so that just adds to my tension Its such a catch 22!

The hat is adorable! Dino is coming along well, he will be done sometime tomorrow!!!

Katherine said...

Lulu and Grace, thanks so much for the prayers! I know they work!

Nancy said...

Big Bear is the perfect model for the hat. I love the icy sparkles!

When I need to decompress, I try to find a good book and read until I fall asleep. Sometimes, the body just needs calm surroundings and rest to cope.

A positive attitude and stubborn determination are a good combination. May your GD find healing through both and peace from the prayers of others. Prayers coming your way.

SissySees said...

Beautiful hats! Prayers and crossed paws for your granddaughter.

Stress... depends. Sometimes a hard, long walk does the trick, but others, I need to decompress and I just vegetate. Either way, having a fur-girl or two at my side always helps!!

kathy b said...

I watch comedies that I have loved groundhog day, or bridesmaids or a feel good movie.

Praying for your family k.......the young are resilient!