Friday, August 31, 2012

I Warned You

I’m hooked!  I told you I can’t stop knitting bookmarks, and as soon as I found Judy Gibson’s String of Hearts it was all over but the shouting!!  Now everyone on my Christmas list is getting a String of Hearts: the ones who don’t read, the ones who only read e-books, even the ones who dog-ear their books (yes I know one or two) rather than use a bookmark.

This is the cutest bookmark ever.  Not the easiest knit I’ve ever encountered but worth the effort!  I was—mmmm--put-off by the first heart, it was way too fidgety, but the second was easier.  Also, the pattern itself is not difficult to memorize so frequent pattern checking is not necessary.  This is a thoroughly joyful knit project, and one I will repeat again and again.  I mean it!  Look out friend/family readers, I’m coming for you!!

It is Friday and I am casual today.  I’m casual in my thoughts and casual in my attire.  It has caused me to pause and think about perceptions.  A client mentioned that she wished she could dress as casually at her job as I do —“So tired of suits, dresses, skirts.”  I was surprised because I wear office attire every day of the week, except Friday.  On Friday I throw on jeans, tee-shirt and sweater.  Add boots or sneaks and I’m ready for the day, but only on Friday.  This surprised her and after a thoughtful pause she said, “I guess I only see you on Friday.  That’s the only day I can take time off.” 
It is amazing to me the things that skew perceptions.  We think we know what is going on but we usually only have half the picture.  Reality is unique to each of us.  I once attended a seminar in which the subject had to do with truth.  Is truth absolute or relative?  I believe truth is absolute and my certainty of that has not changed since I attended that seminar 30+ years ago.  I am aware, however, that my client’s truth was changed by something as simple as a day of the week so how can we ever really know the truth about anything?

Anyway, I just realized that casual as I am I did not wear my hip-boots today and it is getting deep in this post!!  I'm going back to stringing hearts and casting on for the first front piece of Classic Cardi. 
The absolute truth is that LIFE IS GOOD!!

Hummingbird decided to hang out on one of our tomato cones this morning:


SusanB-knits said...

I love it! I've now printed the pattern and have it on my "to do" list. I knitted on lace bookmark two months ago and loved it. They do make such wonderful gifts.

Nancy said...

The bookmark is gorgeous! Nice job.

Your words on perceptions hit the mark. So few people step back and consider before making a generalization. I guess it is human nature, but it can be annoying and very misleading.

Enjoy your "casual" day. ;oD

SissySees said...

Love the bookmark, and you're spot-on about perceptions. Good food for thought!

kathy b said...


I LOVE Your hearts bookmarks. Im tickled that you fell in love with TOO!!!

I had very limited internet capabilities in the Yosemite Valley so I couldnt leave comments. Well, I could , but it took me about 10 minutes of mis typing on the iphone of Troy's to make a comment so I gave up.

Enjoy the pattern play!