Thursday, May 30, 2013

How Long Has it Been?

The pink fold over mitts are finished and I’m moving on with wristlets in Blue Moon Fiber Art’s sock yarn.  I am knitting them flat on my much loved Signature 7 inch straights which don’t get enough use, using my old favorite double moss stitch (or plain old seed stitch) and seaming them together later.  Knitting’s good. 

I have promised myself I will learn magic loop and since I didn’t have any circular needles long enough to accomplish that goal I have ordered them. I guess I should be ashamed to admit that after a lifetime of knitting I still do not know how to use the magic loop method, but at least I will be able to prove that old dogs can learn new tricks!  So next pair of socks will be two on the loop!!

Macy is sporting her new Cubs bandana that was sent to her by Kathyb.  She/we are so honored that the bandana was once worn by the famous Huck.  She also sent a collectible Cub Batter because we are fellow Cubs lovers—love them when they lose—love them even when they are dead last!  I like the Rangers when they win but when they lose I don’t have the same feeling of “Oh my poor babies.  Things will get better!”  Nope, if they don’t win the Rangers are on their own.

The birdies are still doing their hit and run routine and giving us a real show.  This Hummingbird stopped at our breakfast nook window to share breakfast and at the same time the Downy Woodpecker was finishing off the last of a suet cake.  It doesn’t get any better!!

It doesn’t matter what is happening with the people types, Macy and Max are all about play time.  Two seconds after I took this picture Macy grabbed the toy out of Max’s mouth and took off.  I love having the pups around because they keep my priorities straight!!

Life is good.


Nancy said...

I haven't tried the Magic Loop method - no reason other than it doesn't appeal to me.

Love the yarn you are using.

SissySees said...

Magic Loop is my method for 2 socks at a time, but otherwise, it's a pain. I'll be interested in your opinion!

Love Macy's look. I used to be a Braves fan, and swore I'd never love the Nats because they aren't the Senators, but... Can I blame it on the bobblehead-mascots who visited our reception a couple of weeks ago?

Della Farmer said...

i do not know how to do Magic Loop and so far have no inclination to learn, can't wait to see if you like it

kathy b said...


Macy looks amazing in the CUBS bandanna. Since I sent it the Cubs have taken a good turn??!!!!

Go Blackhawks this afternoon.

You are patient....I find moss stitch gorgeous but tedious.

NO magic loop shame here.......I am still impressed with myself over knitting socks on 4 double points!