Monday, May 06, 2013

Among The Missing

One pink wool fold-over style fingerless mitt.  The other is missing because I am in the middle of casting on and praying that I don't have the same problem that I have had with the Skinny Mittens...

You can probably see that the now soaked and blocked Skinny Mittens are ever so slightly mismatched?  I don’t mean in the striping, that is a given.  I am talking about the fact that using the same number of stitches, the same yarn, and the same needles, one mitt is a bit larger than the other.  What could have happened?  Did I have a tense week and knit tighter than the week before?  Did a weather change make the yarn thinner than a week ago?  Have you ever had this happen to you?

Also among the missing is one of my favorite blogs, Lovin’ Comfort Knits.  I am missing Grace’s prolific knitting and worrying about what is happening to her and Tom.  They have had a hard year and have been in my prayers and thoughts.  I guess there comes a time when blogging is the last thing on your mind.  You will not be forgotten Grace!!

I guess I am frequently among the missing even though I continue to promise myself I will post at least every few days it never seems to happen.  Life intervenes.  This week our sweet daughter-in-law’s brother passed away in Thailand and though many miles from us it wounded our hearts as we tried to help her deal with being so far away from her other family at a time like this.  I had this blog mostly set to post as soon as the pictures were uploaded, but it quickly became unimportant.

Even though I post sporadically when life gets in the way I will just keep doing my best and hoping you all keep stopping by to see what is happening in the Comfort Zone (mismatched mittens and all).

Macy says...
Life is good!  


Nancy said...

Deepest sympathy to your DIL's family.

I love the fold-over mitt. I MUST remember to make a pair like that.

kathy b said...

Awww I love your fold over mitts! !and YES ha ha I have had the same thing happen to me on the same needles and same yarn...
I have some TIGHT nights that's for sure.

I too mis Grace. I bet she'll come back. I have had some bad times when I couldn't post ; but thankfully you all came back when I posted again!!! IF Im not posting, Im seriously in trouble.

I LOVE Your posts. Each and every one Katherine!